Pedro Sanchez wants a PSOE retrieve their values ​​, which reinvents the basis of the measures tom in his years of government and be able to stop counting the votes we lost to tell who will win. As has been expressed in Valencia, in the act of proclamation of mayoralty candidate , Joan Calabuig . The secretary general reivindic the need to begin this renewal from below remembering that the founder Pablo Iglesias and himself began in politics as councilors. The best thing that has happened to this country has come from the hand of the PSOE , the law of interruption of pregnancy, EU membership , gay marriage , dependency law , the law of equality and the end of ETA terrorism , enumer Sanchez , who atac to PP for his lies but also to can , who accused her of promising measures such as not paying the public debt or jubilacin 60 years and now silent.Took advantage also to insist that PP and PSOE are not the same, because it is not the same build to destroy equality rights. Sanchez enumer some of the measures that the PSOE take place if he wins the election. The first will be the derogacin of unfair labor reform the PP . We created a new labor regulations and tax amnistas prohibiramos the big fraudsters , subray . Bet also restructure the mortgage debt of families, because there has been money to bail out banks and Castor, apostill .The socialist leader committed itself to Ximo Puig to sign a new model autonmica financiacin just with Valencia , as the PP does not want to , and raised her voice against corruption : Lord Rajoy d explanations and scandal Grtel someone take sb liability . Rajoy is president of fraud, defraud the Grtel . Enough of engaos and fraud , Ana Mato, Jaume Matas, Cospedal , Aguirre and Aznar, Blesa and Rato . From the Camps , the Fabra , the Cotino , the Castedo or bags Louis Vuitton Rita Barber, of the friends of the soul, while aerated insisted that neither trembled nor shake the pulse oust corrupt ningn PSOE, Extended info can be inspected clicking http://.

Jobs search for the remains of Cervantes Radar and microcameras part of the arsenal with technicians seeking the skeletal remains of Miguel Cervantes in the rubble of the crypt of the church of the Trinitarians of Madrid resume. Specialists work resumed on Saturday to locate the remains of the author of the adventures of Don Quixote , in the niches of the walls and the floor of the crypt. This has been explained EFE georradarista Luis Avial , who has agreed this morning to the crypt of the church , about seventy square meter base and is five feet deep, and whose walls already found thirty niche .The return of researchers to the Church of The Trinity Madrid , considered a Cultural Interest , has had a break of several months of paperwork and the Christmas period , after which now starts this new phase. They will work thirty intervention specialists arqueológicaDirigida by Avial and forensic Francisco Etxebarria , in this second phase of the search of the author of Don Quixote will work thirty specialists archaeological intervention , computer graphics and fotorradar , anthropological analysis of the remains and study of textiles .Among them is the mountaineer Asier Izaguirre, who will handle , if necessary , enter into any niche wiring the microcameras . Although Avial normally considered to be no more burials at the base of the crypt , after removal of debris and cleaning equipment and proceeds from this weekend GPR testing , infrared thermography and photography to determine whether or not there is niches in the ground. As he told the georradarista , these two days , in addition to removing the material , composed mostly of timber , old shelves and debris , the area will aim to clean dust and prevent you from entering niches .Humidity and temperature sensors were also placed to preserve the crypt , without jobs search for the remains of Cervantes , had not been open since the end of the Civil War (1936-39 ) , he noted Avial . Once prepared the area, airy and clean , will from next Friday when the forensic work , through a camera that will be introduced in the niches , analyzed the skeletal remains of each start to see whether any part of Miguel de Cervantes.For identification there are several tracks, for example , his great forensic narizEstos be determined through the chamber , said Avial , if the remains belong to a man , a woman or a child. Therefore, when they appear some that are suspected to belong to the author of The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha , the niche for analysis opens, Bird explained . Miguel de Cervantes , born in Alcalá de Henares in 1547 and died in Madrid in 1616 , was buried next to his wife Catalina Salazar with a modest habit of tertiary order and without personal or ornaments .For identification no other clues : his big nose , that only she had six teeth and signals that could leave his skeleton the two arquebus received in the chest and one on his left hand suffered in 1571 at the Battle of Lepanto . Carmen Naranjo . Topics Alcalá de Henares Archaeology Arts ( general) Human Sciences Funeral Europe Spain Madrid Miguel de Cervantes Monument and National Heritage . For extended information on this subject visit homepage.

How best to manage a team when you are boss? Emmanuel Toniutti , the key is love. ( FlickR // CC . Donald Clark) Leadership is , firstly , to conduct and lead a team by transmitting enthusiasm , optimism and a clear vision of where to go. The leader has the task to adhere to those objectives by developing trust. Encourages leadership , on the other hand, decide. The word comes from the Latin decide decidere and caedere that mean slice and respectively .Any such decision implies a break between a before and an after in which the leader determines fixed and decreed a new goal. Everyone involved in this decision is not necessarily found in line with the one who decides . Some people have the impression of losing many advantages acquired and other winning new fields of unexpected opportunities. The leader is responsible for maintaining a favorable emotional balance performance.To do so, it must take into account the negative emotions of each in order to prevent them coming parasitize the implementation of operational action plans required performance and build on the positive emotions. Move from mistrust to trust Love encourages to share. The word comes from the Latin love amor , it means affection . It is a sense of connection , friendship and affection for someone. This leads to develop relationships that can combine the gift of self ( ie give ) and the ability to receive this gift ( accept to receive) .But we are not all equal on this point. Many people know but do not give consent to receive ; others know how to receive but never give or very little. Love, in all cases , can be defined as the ability to share and listen to the universal emotions that are in us such as joy , anger and sadness. This is in my opinion the great change which calls the leadership of love. We questioned our ability as a leader to take charge of our own emotions and those of others without losing sight of the goal.This to go from natural distrust to trust. Positive energy succèsAppliqué facing the field of leadership , love and asks us puzzling questions: do we feel within us the desire to love us as we are as a leader , but also as a person ? Do we really want to love our customers, our employees, our suppliers , our shareholders , our friends as they are? Leadership of love and calls us the motivations that drive us to love not only each other but ourselves.It raises the issue of identity : Who am I really? Am I aligned with myself? Who is really the other? Do I accept others as they are ? Develop the ability to love yourself without pretense and love others for who they are ten times the humanity supplements leading to economic performance. When people feel respected and taken into account for what they are , they naturally develop an engaging positive energy , turned to success.We have everything to everyone to grow in meeting others . The leader is neither loose nor reckless The thesis of my book is to say that the leadership of love is possible if, and only if we have personally addressed the issue of existential angst . This is another step that will make the leaders of the future on their own to cope with major changes ahead in the transformation of civilization that we are experiencing : globalization , multiculturalism , demand for spiritual meaning , considerable acceleration in the pace of life ,. These changes create pressure and under stress, anxiety occurs primarily through two mechanisms in human behavior : the cowardice and recklessness.In Eudemian Ethics , Aristotle praising courage wrote: The coward believes it is not to fear the east, the rash remains confident in front of what is expected. The leader can be neither loose nor reckless. Love leads to the courage to face the reality and self- truth, but also that of others and of the contexts in which it conducts its business. Knowing our fears De universally, all human beings experience the same anguish , it is that of death .But they differ in their fears. Leadership of love calls us to this: are we really aware of fears that drive us can parasitize our decisions ? Are we leading our fears and our stress? No School prepares to self-knowledge necessary to define its own model of leadership and that of others. Leadership of love has something universal because it invites leaders to adapt different leadership models based on the people , cultures and enterprise business to be successful in the long term.Leadership of love thus requires the courage to lead , to decide and to love even beyond the fact that our decision could make us appreciate , dislike or hate. Any decision creates hope and frustration. This is the paradox facing is the leader. Love the incentive to consider the suffering and enthusiasm can lead to its decision and how to address the problems to solve. He convenes facing himself , facing its responsibility to humanity.My experience of accompanying branches on this comforts me is that the leadership of love is a pragmatic response to the social and economic concerns of our time. In this sense, to provide concrete evidence to the issues of leadership , part of my approach is devoted to the issue courage around the issues of anxiety and fear of the human being ; and the intimate correspondence between courage and love and their operational implications around leadership models developed by our customers in their businesses.The world in which we live questions on the meaning we give to our life but also to the business of life we lead , there is no doubt to me that the leadership of love is an antidote serious in this matter , for the salvation of the West in the future. . You must visit the following http:// to read extra about this interesting matter.

Berlin, Jan 17 ( EFE ) . – When is the 25th anniversary of the citizen assault on the headquarters of the Stasi, the feared secret police of the German Democratic Republic ( GDR ), more than 5 000 people are still asking each month to access the records that could draw on them and its intimate and everyday life. The former headquarters of the Ministry for State Security of the GDR, in the Berlin district of Lichtenberg , keeps its doors open today to remember the thousands of East German demonstrators on the night of January 15, 1990 , two months after the fall of the wall , took to assault the complex .The protesters, angry , did not understand that officials continue working on the premises and those Berliners today is honored to have been able to prevent the regime continue in camera destroying millions of records accumulated over decades . In the words of federal commissioner responsible for the care of those files were brave who made a key contribution to learn an important part of the communist dictatorship . The Stasi was the sword and shield of the Socialist Unity Party (SED ) , not a state within a state , said today inaugurated the conference.According to the latest official figures , more than two decades after the public opening of the archives, more than 5 000 citizens continue to request access to any documents stored with your name. The Stasi, a hybrid of secret police and intelligence services designed in the image of its big brother, the Soviet KGB, accumulated over forty million records in consigning the allegedly subversive activities of hundreds of thousands of citizens.Your goal , as determined by law that created this secret police in 1950 , was to protect the State of criminals, enemy agents , dissenting , saboteurs and spies , terminalogía in which the Communist paranoia framed a large part of the citizens of the GDR. It is impossible to know how many documents disappeared in the weeks that followed the fall of the Berlin Wall , but the commissioner is still facing the daunting task of monitoring , study and classify over 111 kilometers of minutes, 1.7 million photographic documents today 2 .27. 800 video and 600 audio recordings . Shortly before dropping the GDR , the Stasi had 91 000 employees and more than 189 000 IM ( Inofizielle Mitarbeiter or unofficial workers) , who voluntarily or under pressure facilitated the authorities about their relatives , friends, neighbors or acquaintances. In 1991 the law that regulates access to files and since then , about three million people have requested access to their records was approved. ( EFE ) Topics Germany Berlin Libraries and museums Jobs Europe Espionage and Intelligence Police. You can check this http:// to read more on this interesting subject.

Quality of life, safety. . . and leading questions . Selected to complete a survey , one of our waterfront wonders about their interest. Interviewers conduct telephone surveys with polling institute of Quinnipiac University , USA , 2011 ( NEW CHINA / SIPA) Making ofClaire 32 years old. She is looking for work in the field of com ‘ and lives in Paris . She was chosen to answer the victimization survey [PDF] , commissioned by the Planning Institute of Urban Planning of Ile-de -France.This survey is conducted every two years since 2001 with an unchanged Questionnaire ( if not adding a question about video surveillance and a reference to the Vélib ) . Posed 10500 Paris region , it includes modules on the living environment , transport and security, but also on the opinions (hence the famous question about removing child benefit offenders to parents, who annoyed Claire ) . No luck : the survey was launched on January 8 in the middle of the run Kouachi brothers.At the Institute , we recognize that the coincidence is harmful, but the dates are set by contract . In theory , the investigator says early on that it was investigating "the quality of life and safety." It must then remain as neutral as possible. The average duration of the exchange in 2013 is 22 minutes. If the questionnaire is interrupted, it is not taken into account. This will be the case of Claire answers. As for the question about the government’s priority , the Institute said that the questionnaire was developed in 2000 , which explains the mention of AIDS, which may seem a little excessive today.It is actually not possible to get out of the proposed answers. "It would be unmanageable ." The testimony of Claire seemed interesting to show how the statistics are only the dried version of complex situations. Rue89 . Tuesday, around 12:30 , the fixed telephone the apartment rang. As I never use that line, I just open and no one has the number, I got a little curious. A person posing as an investigator of Ipsos said a survey on behalf of the Planning Institute of Regional Planning .I remember the quick presentation given me that it is investigating a fairly general themes, such as " life in Ile-de- France ." It specifies that this investigation is conducted regularly. He informs me that my phone number was randomly chosen and that my identity will not be known. He asks me if I have some time to answer some preliminary questions. Time, today I have. The idea that the region is interested in people’s lives , their feelings, pleases me .I told him that I agree . It begins conventionally : what is my zip code, is it my primary or secondary residence , how long am I in Paris, my age, my profession , etc. And then, to the following questions , the answers become "closed" type : "Not at all , somewhat, moderately , etc. " Am I satisfied with the equipment in the area of transport, schools, local public services ? Am I bothered by the noise in the neighborhood? Will I find the state of the streets (cleanliness, light) satisfactory? Will he acts " incivility " in my neighborhood (it gives me an example of a mailbox degradation) ? Is there a solidarity between neighbors ( watering plants, babysit ) ? Education ? Not in the choices proposésVient an issue that looks like this: "French society is facing many problems.In your opinion, among the following issues , which one the government should give priority at the moment ? Crime , unemployment , poverty, AIDS, pollution? " I would point to the person , from my point of view , the priority is education, but he says that we can not change the answers . Then there is a rather strange question about youth gangs and violence. Is what I am reassured or not? There, I ‘m a bit annoyed to answer.He got there a few years ago , fights between young people in the area – I live in the nineteenth . It was the news. I explain my confusion . To know that these facts are known, it can happen , but I personally am not facing. He explained to me that it is my view that matters ante as I told him I do not see a problem with young people. It records my answer. Then comes a question about drug trafficking .I feel that there are in the neighborhood? I told him I do not know , I ‘m not the right person to answer that question because I am not concerned . He told me that it is my view that matters. Then there was an even more disturbing question. He asks me if I think " we should remove family allowances for families with child offenders ." There, I admit, I ‘m speechless . " Café du Commerce" Inwardly, I began to seriously wonder about the questionnaire, its purpose, its use and the intentions of its sponsors .What this question is that? Why put it to me? I have not thought about . Why do I get asked a sensitive issue in what I thought was a simple study on land at 12:30 on a Tuesday , so I ‘m not very alert, in an investigation that should not last over a few minutes. In emergency and deal with answers , some respondents will probably meet hot , without really thinking , almost to quickly finish the questionnaire starts last.I feel like the " coffee trade ‘, where each presents its views without a second thought . Yes, but it is not the coffee trade , is a research institute with supposedly serious people , educated , whose job is to reflect the state of public opinion, not to get him to s ignite . In short, I can not see the links , I’m lost . I wonder what they want, it’s not my feelings , this is more sociological or scientific , it becomes downright policy.I explain to my partner that we can not answer such questions with the answers it offers, such as: " not at all, can be. . . ". We can not deprive a family aid on the grounds that one of the children went wrong. It restates that he can not change the answers . I told him , I can not answer that one. I will not. End of the phone échangeLe cut. My phone is out of battery.I am disappointed , a little angry. Security should not be a taboo , but from an innocuous study on urban planning and living together to come up with associations of ideas of the kind , " tension between youth gangs ", " rudeness ", " traffic drug "and" withdrawal of benefits for offenders to families, " I believe that the amalgam is not far off . . You must click this http:// to learn more regarding this great subject.

Nearly four years of war in Syria have been enough for one of the stars of the local football in Homs , Abdel Baset al Sarut , leave the boots by kalashnikov rebel and now want to join the ranks of jihadist Islamic State (EI ) . The story of Al Sarut , regarded as the hero of the revolution in one of the most rebellious to the regime cities , Homs , could be a metaphor for the evolution of the conflict. His stay in prison and that has survived several attacks have helped forge the legend of this young man, born in 1992 and disappointed by the courses of the match has gone over to the extremists.One of his former neighbors in the neighborhood of Al Bayada , Abu Abdu , still remembers when he was a celebrity team goalkeeper Al Karama : I knew by sight , you will not see much because most of the time training at the club. However , his promising career was cut short with the start of the popular uprising in March 2011. Sarut joined the protests and , by his charisma , soon became one of its leaders. Social networks are flooded with videos of this young man with microphone in hand leading the chants of protesters .Abu Abdu knew him personally during a march from Al Bayada to the Plaza del Reloj in Homs , repressed by the army. The authorities knew who Al Sarut era, we fled down an alley and surrounded us near the mosque of Khaled bin Walid , told Efe recalls internet Abu Abdu , that from that day befriended him . Months later, soldiers stormed Al Bayada and demolished the house where one of his brothers was with other opponents .Housing demolished over their heads , no one was saved, were fifteen regrets Abu Abdu . This loss affected Al Sarut which together with other local youths decided to join the armed struggle and formed his own group, the ‘ Martyrs Brigade Al Bayada ‘ , with about sixty members. This faction remained most of the military siege to the old town of Homs in the district of Al Khalidiya , after the soldiers entered Al Bayada . The life of Al Sarut during the siege and its transformation protester rebel was captured in the 2013 documentary filmmaker Homs Derki Talal , who received the Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival .One person who was with Al Sarut during the siege is Zaer at Khalidiya activist, who describes it as an optimistic man who everyone adores without enemies. Although now living in Turkey , Al Khalidiya remains in contact with Al Sarut internet , which is by no means a religious fanatic . The activist explained that most of the fighters Brigade Al Sarut , including several of his brothers have died , most a year ago in the Battle of the Mills between the regime and the opposition.Abdel Baset himself narrowly escaped and went in May with the rest of the rebels in the old part of Homs , following an agreement with the authorities, to go to the north of the province, near Deir Ezedin and Ful . One of his colleagues there is the activist Mahmoud al Luz , which ensures Efe that Abdel Baset joined the EI and has already sworn allegiance . After his arrival , he was with the Legion of Homs but left a while ago. Then he switched to EI , says Al Light, who does not understand this decision , because the jihadists are enemies of the revolution.Still , he believes his friend could be attracted to the power of the radical Al Sarut adding that EI has asked to play a military task that wants to work against the regime . He is aware of the crimes ( EI ) , and want to give back to their bad side , says Luz. The exportero recently confessed to Zaer at Khalidiya that would adhere to EI by the weakness of the international community on Syria and cutting supplies ( the rebels ) in Homs.The future of Al Sarut is a mystery , but if something is true to his countrymen not flinch as he promised not to leave the province of Homs until it is free . Topics Al Karamah FC Unrest, Conflicts and War World Islamic State Religion and Syria Homs creeds. Similar information can be read clicking http://.

Madrid, Jan 13 ( EFE ) . – The main indicator of the Spanish stock exchange, the IBEX 35, changing on a lunchtime and opted for purchases , which rose 0.70% and could again exceed 9 800 points. 12. At 00, the Spanish selective scoring 69 integers , and progressed to 9. 886 points after rising 0.70 % that exactly the same as the General Index of the Madrid Stock Exchange , which reached 998 integers. Other European markets advances 0.81% were recorded in Paris ; 0.79% in Frankfurt ; 0.68% in London and 0.54% in Milan.In Spain , Santander rose 0.68% to coincide with the debut of the new shares from the capital increase announced last week . The BBVA rose 1.38% ; Telefónica, 1.09% ; Iberdrola, 0.60% ; Repsol , 0.38% . The experts consulted by Efe emphasize that we continue with an eye on oil prices , which continues to lose positions , and is now at below $ 46 a barrel of Brent levels , representing a fall of 60 % since June 2014 bottoming since April 2009 .Among the references of the day highlights the proposal presented today by the European Commission to implement the investment plan Juncker , who are expected to 315. 000 million euros over the next three years. In addition , the World Bank (WB ) updated its report on global prospects for 2015 , with special emphasis on emerging economies and the EU statistical office Eurostat publishes the revised balance of payments in the third quarter of 2014 data.All this amid speculation about the steps you can take the European Central Bank ( ECB ) on its debt purchase program , and after the Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem , has said today that the euro area remain intact regardless of the outcome of the elections on January 25 in Greece. In the IBEX , the most bullish values ​​were IAG and Banco Sabadell since climbed 2.92 % and 2.71 % , and the most bearish , Banco Popular and Technical Reunidas , which fell 4.28 % 2 , 71% .Natra and Nicolás Correa were the companies that were revalued at noon throughout the Spanish market , 11.8 % and 4.62 % , while Montebalito and Banco Popular were the most yielded , 4.33% and 4.18% . 12. Until 00, the Spanish market had negotiated in total more than 650 million shares , of which 171 million were titles of Banco Santander. In the currency market , the euro traded at this hour to $ 1.180 , while a barrel of Brent crude , the European benchmark , remained at minimum , at $ 46.48 .( EFE ) Topics equity Activity European Central Bank Banco Popular Madrid Spain Europe Frankfurt Currency markets Iberdrola London Milan Technical Reunidas Securities . You should check the following site to discover extra regarding this great subject.

The Comics Festival ? S Angoulême announced the establishment of a Prize for freedom of speech in honor of Charlie Hebdo, but wants to carry to completion the voting for the award of the Grand Prix , said its leaders. For several days after the announcement of the creation of a Freedom Prize speech centered around the newspaper cartoons , comics writers have launched a petition to suspend voting Annual Grand Prize of the City of Angouleme to attribute it to Charlie Hebdo.The Festival has a choice: to register the disappearance of the authors of Charlie Hebdo and those who were with them in an action that can have a resonance in the future , say the officials of the International Festival of Comics ? Angoulême in a statement. For this reason, and because some officials of Charlie Hebdo themselves have referred to the fact that ? It is essential not to be overwhelmed by ? Emotion, the choice was made to create a prize for freedom of expression a récompenseà which the Festival hopes to associate the name of Charlie.But, this will only be done if those who hold only the legitimacy are ? S agreement. It? S why, even if awarded the Grand Prix du Festival ? Angoulême Charlie Hebdo was a first reaction , it appeared that this idea n ? Was not necessarily the best , say the makers of the Festival. The choice to keep the ballot for the Grand Prize is to refuse as cartoonists , among the largest in the world , will not be awarded this year , due to the fact that the killers attempted to spread terror in our country.Nearly two thousand authors have already voted for some of their brothers and sisters . The Festival sees the vote as a democratic gesture. He does not want the ? Cancel but to bring it to an end. This vote is international in scope and it is a symbol of respect for cultures and cultural exchange between the creators of the 9th Art and peoples who are readers of their works, the statement said . ? S why the Festival invites the College of authors to continue to participate in the election of the Grand Prix 2015 by considering, for its part, that their actions will have value ? Act of resistance.The Festival also works hard for its next edition is a brief time, shared reflection , strength and solidarity. It therefore works tirelessly to that ? S other actions bear ? S mind Charlie on 29 January and beyond . > Stay Informed ! Register for free to newsletters and alerts Parisien . For extra information on this subject click web site.

SOCIAL NETWORKS – Facebook and I love that you fluff it possible to probe your personality better than your friends and family , says a British study published Monday in the United States . With enough I like to analyze some specialized computer programs are better than friends or relatives of a person to determine his true character traits, and only the joint or could compete with the computer, the researchers of University of Cambridge, UK, and Stanford , California, whose work appeared in the Proceedings of the American Academy of Sciences ( PNAS ) .For this research, a computer was more perceptive to predict the personality of the subject co-workers or family members in just analyzing ten I like . Since an average Facebook user has about 227 I like , the researchers believe that this approach allows us to better naked than anyone. A revealing your caractèreCette research was based on previous work by the University of Cambridge published in March 2013 which showed that a set of psychological and demographic traits could be predicted with great accuracy by analyzing I love Facebook .For the new study , the authors used a sample of 86 220 volunteers on Facebook who completed a questionnaire about their personality traits and given access to their I like . The results provide a score on five key traits . This is an open mind ( curiosity and imagination ) , extraversion (tendency to seek the company of others) , consciousness ( self-discipline, compliance ) , being nice ( tend to be compassionate and cooperative ) and impulsivity ( angry , emotional instability).Through this, the researchers were able to read these personality traits in I like such as liking Salvador Dali or meditation , which according to them shows an open mind. The authors were also able to compare these results by asking a friend to 17. 622 participants and both close to 14. 410 others. Machines can we connaîtreDans the future , computers will be able to determine our traits and react accordingly , which should pave the way for the emergence of machines with socio- emotional intelligence, according to Wu Youyou , a researcher the psychometric center of the University of Cambridge, one of the main authors of this research.With the development of technology , the results of this work may raise concerns about the protection of privacy , also note the authors . But the ability to gauge the personality is an essential component of life in society , be it for the decisions taken daily or for those engaging in the long term such as marriage, hiring someone or being elected president says David Stillwell , a professor at the University of Cambridge.Analysis of the results of this research can be very useful to help people make decisions , he adds. See also: " The 10 favorite books of the French on Facebook " Zuckerberg is selling books " The picture that moved thousands of people on Facebook " What did you talk about Facebook in 2014 " To follow the latest news on Live HuffPost , click iciRetrouvez items HuffPost on our Facebook page. . You can click the following site to learn more about this amazing matter.

There has marketed under the sun, scrapers PMU in cafes and small commercial oyster in a parking lot , but it is not a Sunday like any other in Livry- Gargan ( Seine-Saint-Denis ) . A few hours before the big demonstration in Paris , on the other side of the ring road , nearly 3 000 people paid tribute to one of the victims of January 7 , police Merabet Ahmed , 42, who lived in the town . Applause , Ahmed’s mother , a little veiled woman very tired , are difficult to approach from a chair, surrounded by all the family.It is supported by a son , Malek, who the day before had held a press conference in tears : " I ​​appeal to all racist , Islamophobic and anti-Semitic : do not mix extremists and Muslims. [,.] Stop doing amalgam of starting wars , burning mosques and synagogues, you attack to people . It will not bring back our dead and it does not soothe our families. " The President of the National Assembly, Claude Bartolone , welcomes " a prestigious name , exemplary , "" a child of the Seine-Saint-Denis became the very face of the Republic. "The young mayor ( UDI) , Pierre- Yves Martin, criticizes the "waste " that can not be judged, called the residents to gather in a guestbook or in front of the photo of the deceased . After the moment of silence , sing the Marseillaise and hold hands . There are probably as many tears here and contemplation , but more veiled women , more young cities, more old immigrants as the Republic Square . The family, she only say, " Thank you.You are asked to remain calm . " Symbol despite himself " French policeman , a Muslim : this is the best example , says Mohamed , former Livry party Montfermeil . I am 54 years old and this is the first event of my life. " In a few minutes, Wednesday, January 7 , this son of Algerians living in France , whose father died twenty years ago , has become a symbol despite himself. One of the many symbols of the history of 7 January , that of a Republic sees his children to kill and die.And as the survivors of Charlie Hebdo , relatives are not proficient movement "I am Ahmed " that followed his assassination . " It’s not like other victims , says Salem Haidoudi , deputy mayor of Livry -Gargan . They are still shocked to have seen their children die. " This Wednesday, January 7 , it is a little more from 11:30 and two officers of the police brigade ATV eleventh arrondissement of Paris on patrol when a black Citroen tumbles with tinted windows on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir .Sharif Said and Kouachi , dressed in black, masked and armed with Kalashnikovs , just left the offices of Charlie Hebdo. Ahmed pulls the car , was wounded in the leg. The brothers take the time to stop the car and get out. A video, shot by a neighbor, shows Ahmed lying on the sidewalk. "You want to kill us ?", Gives him one of the two . "No, that ‘s good , head ," replied Ahmed, but the other carries a bullet in the head, before returning to power .Posted on the Internet by their author , the pictures make a foreign media , Le Point makes its cover, and push their own author to apologize to the family Merabet . "Tired to justify myself " A few steps from his portrait of four young Clichy-sous-Bois discuss as the crowd disperses. " We did not know he was a cop , it’s not something you shout from the rooftops ," said one of them , friend ‘s brother Ahmed . " That does not mean either that’s the shame in being in the police ,. , " adds another .They did not go demonstrate in Paris and will not go , but wanted to be this Sunday at Livry . In their mouths, Ahmed Merabet less the name of a police officer killed in the performance of his duties as head of a " neighborhood ". He who was as " entrepreneur " on the front Copains site is also seen as someone who was successful, when " here we become all taxi drivers, for lack of better ." "It was a good guy , kind, tolerant practicing .As 99% of Muslims " , explained a friend of the family, which is defined as " someone who has suffered, who saw his parents suffer, and hopes that her children will not suffer . " At twenty years apart , Yassin Ahmed attended the same high school : "It represents the good side of 93 , because we are always unpopular . " In the ranks , the gathering is also an opportunity to discuss . "I ‘m sick to justify myself , loose woman , a white rose in her hand.They talked about in high school my daughter ; Then she told me I’m not a killer. "" Muslim, it is in the heart , says Mohamed . They mess us since September 11 ! "" You do not have to justify yourself , " slips under his glasses a lady in a parka. In 2006, Ahmed was exposed to an MP his project to enter the police. There will be a career for eight years. Tuesday afternoon, after the tribute by the President of the Republic to the policemen killed Ahmed Merabet will be buried in the cemetery of Bobigny .Not in that of Livry-Gargan , failing Muslim section . In the crowd , a resident whispers : "A Muslim section , it would be a battle to be fought ,.". Root facts can be studied clicking the following fact.