After the controversy these days and immediately after the presentation of the new Web site through which the Government rendiconterà "rasheekfareeth" its action, Matteo Renzi back to address the readers of his newsletter, the eNews. It does so with a long story of recent weeks, which have seen first in Baghdad and Erbil, then back to Italy with the difficult "confrontation" with the latest economic data and with the continuation of the work, in particular with regard to the reform package. In this respect, the President of the Council raise: "The Italy must make their own reforms, civil justice public administration without facing anybody". And the picture isn’t lurid in its reading: "With finally unlocked investments, banks returning to lend and the Italy that is expected reforms for twenty years, we are the thousand days in our country where it should be: to make the locomotive, not the last wagon." I hope you have had a good holiday, for those who couldn’t make it. For me it’s been a month rich in engagements with some important steps forward, starting from the approval of the constitutional reform and of some very highly anticipated law measures (Decree PA and competitiveness) to get approval in the Council of Ministers of Justice and reform of the so-called Unlock Italy. 1. on 18 August, I was in Baghdad and Erbil. I went there to say that Europe is not only spread and budgetary constraints, parameters and money, but first values and dignity. Who made Europe thought to peace and the dignity of man after the horrors of totalitarianism. For this reason, the current President of Europe while you shoot children because they belong to families of a different religion, they kidnap and rape girls, it accomplishes what is technically a genocide, well the President of Europe is not going to look. My visit to Iraq and in Erbil will remain imprinted in my heart for a long time. They are explained in a message that sounds rhetorical impressions, the sounds, the smells, the sounds of a refugee camp. However, I know that if I came home touched, impressed, sad, worried there was in me an area of pride for having represented Italy. They see us as bearers of hope. I am grateful to our volunteers and our organizations do to lend a hand. Must in some cases the lives of our doctors. So when they say Italy they say hope and gratitude. I think everybody, I for one, we should be more aware. 2. economic data gave us a Europe that is in trouble. There is a global crisis of the eurozone which is very sobering. To say: the negative Italian second-quarter growth, that has fueled debate in the first half of August at our home, is exactly the same as the given German:% -0.2;. Joint pain, half joy? Nah: common pain, double damage. And Germany can you afford small setbacks with a lot more confidence of Italy that comes from years of crisis very hard (in 2012 our result was -2.4%, -1.9% in 2013, now we’re at -0.2% but obviously not enough). So what? What should we do? It seems to me that the game is set in Europe, with three pallets: c) Italy must make their own reforms, civil justice public administration without facing anybody. Already. We look into the eyes of everyone, but let’s face none. This is the way and that is why we are the Government. With investments finally unlocked, banks returning to lend and the Italy that is expected reforms for twenty years, we are the thousand days in our country where it should be: to make the locomotive, not the last wagon. The 41% we need this: change to, in Italy as in Europe. We’re doing it with the rhythm of who knows what it takes to reach the passo del maratoneta, but also who is dictated by a healthy urgency that doesn’t let you to wait for the future, but makes you build today. For those interested on sitopassodopopasso. Italy. it is a tool that goes in this direction. 3. the school. The Italy between twenty years won’t be as they will have made the decrees of accountancy or State Ministers interviews or editorials of the professors. The Italy will like the will made the elementary teachers, secondary school teachers, families who are primarily educating community. That’s why we don’t do yet another school reform. We propose a new educational pact. The show officially tomorrow at 10 on sitopassodopopasso. Italy. it will contain some substantive ideas to make the school more and more growth tool for the young city. But also tool for growth for the country. These are proposals, not diktat take it or leave it. We teachers to overcome the terrible mechanism of permanent precariousness and supplentite, but we’re asking them to accept that career shots are based on merit and not simply on seniority: it would be a huge breakthrough,. Ask the families and students if they share our proposals on the subject of teaching matters, those who when we were in school we used to call the program: from art history to music, from English into coding. We will ask the headmasters to do more by increasing skills and responsibility, but also streamlining the administrative structure through a course of digitalization procedures boost. Will get more money, but doing it anyway so much spending review: why education is never a cost, but waste are unacceptable, especially in key sectors. From 15 September to 15 November we will listen to all, starting from students who are actors, not spectators. Stability in the law, there will be the first of January and the consequent legislation. In the meantime we will continue to invest on school buildings, unlocking the Pact to those municipalities that have serious projects, have, as happened after my first mandate letter. We have received many emails from mayors to which we are giving concrete reply. Those who know me from the time of Florence knows that for me the school is Alpha and omega of everything. Only that the school will not change with a decree, but by involving families, students, teachers, principals, coaches, local administrators. The reforms we are doing so. Tomorrow at 10, supassodopopasso. Italy. en Pensierino della Sera. Federica Mogherini was designated the High Representative of European foreign policy and first Vice-President of the Commission. It is a task of great responsibility and I’m very convinced that Lauren will do a great job because he is competent, tenacious, prepared. I also believe that the appointment of Mogherini is a symbol. Why is a young woman who makes policy in Italy. Not always young women was allowed to do politics. Species in Italy. Instead I believe that one of the features that our country is experiencing is just opening a new ruling class. Let me be clear: I have not done cheering for scrapping because I wanted to do something new than before. I was rooting for scrapping because I wanted to do something better than before. On this we will be judged, not on each other. But there is a final. For years in Europe he painted the Italy as the country in which the usual suspects make and discarding, and in some cases have tried to give a representation of the political class of the speck in our country. Federica will do well because it’s good, competent and capable. But doing well will also help us to overcome the stereotype. The Italy is made of many different stories, even younger than the European average and entrusts its women driving strategic sectors. For Italy and for Europe. PS. For security reasons I sometimes turn in a helicopter. Of course there I was accustomed. So every day I’m amazed by something that perhaps may seem small and trivial. But for me it is not. The synthesised as follows: mamma mia, how beautiful the view from above Italy. Of course, one also sees some urban howler as he flies. But how much beauty in our valleys, in our cities, in our landscapes. Be worthy of this beauty is almost an adventure. But this is our challenge and we face with humility, but without fear. . Main facts can be read clicking this homepage.

The Disinnamoratore is the disinnamorazione professional. Put that you are innamoratoby one that loves you not. Or that I loved but it loves you more. Put that you suffer as a beast. that was great! you don’t eat sleep was great! you’re no longer nunta won’t go more than uscireche you don’t like to play over to read, to write, to make account won’t go more than anything she loves you piùperché while Yes, you. Put that feeling of moriredi disappear. Put that you finish the tears and the sospirie well as cookies and toilet paper but don’t you want to go to buy. Put that your cat is very worried to tee your MOM and your friends, and your accountant. She is the Disinnamoratore? I asked him. -They are. -Professional disinnamorazioni?-that’s right. -I need to disinnamorarmi. -Are you sure?-I alternative?-you know you. -I think I know. -Are you in love with him?-I’m afraid. -She loves you not?-No. -Do you feel lost?-How Odysseus on the island of Lost. -You know that is irreversible?-I know. -Are you ready?-will be painful?-After Yes. -But forget all of you, everything that happened, the tranoi kisses, the walks, the breakfasts, the stroking, the squabble, Munira and the ugly, her eyes, her hair, her lips, the suoodore, his favorite color, taste of her skin?-we’re not in a fucking film. -Ah. -Eh. -Continues. -Proceed. -Proceeded. The Disinnamoratoreè the professionistadella disinnamorazione. You off via a pezzonon ago that malee repent doponon vale. . You must read the following url to learn more about this interesting topic.

Wanted to make a film about why Berlusconi in Sicily consensus. It is found to follow the Ciccio septuagenarian Aims, local singers impresario ppwmdcee comfortable with silence, nostalgia and Paradox. To discover the Alchemy between the choral dimension of the square of Palermo, the popular sentiment towards Silvio b. and individualist culture of ghè think I, Franco Maresco had to get lost and find themselves. Before and after the epic of Cynical Tv, a faithless twenty years side by side with former partner Daniele Ciprì, the happened often. Having thought about the final waiver Maresco has changed the target of the investigations and produced cheaply and loneliness in full-blown (accomplices Rean Mazzone with the delivering Parthenos) a sublime treatise on contemporary anthropology. Belluscone is not the umpteenth film about Berlusconi, but is much more. Is a fable about the idols. About liquid hopes. On the loss and on the horizons which does not promise victory. A trip to an Italy without direction remains steadfast, mired in the starting blocks. A Videocracy without hint of moralism, closer to the first communion banquets that terraces of Lele Mora. With humor and wry compassion, black and white and colour, suburbs, subjects and rulers put under the magnifying glass of a simple curiosity, Maresco returned the sense of two irreconcilable worlds. The Palermo yesterday, linked to silence "associative mentality" in which the word Mafia does not ever, prisoners are "guests of the State" and they don’t deny a salute on live tv from one of a thousand private antennas surrounding the Monte Pellegrino and today that is young anagraficamente, Mafia knows little or nothingof 23 May ‘ 92 and of 19 July of the same year has no memory and dancing to the sound of songs entitled prophetic: "I would like to know Berlusconi" or imitating the former Premier as publicly can’t happen ever in Brianza, in the Appendix of the dream of Arcore sees only a stepping stone to get to sing in the studio of Maria De Filippi. Brought up in Venice.  To achieve Belluscone, started in 2011 and brought to Venice, section horizons, long applause and convinced the public and breeders, to Maresco has courage because, he suggests with disenchantment than ever borders whining: "life is a disaster". In Venice, in the Dock, while hundreds of people standing up shouting "Franco, Franco" clapping, Maresco there was: "I do not have to be made I suffer from depression, an illness. Talking is very difficult, but the porto dietro da anni. I first underestimated and then cured, but over the past two months the situation has worsened. I had wanted to finish this movie despite there believe anyone and now I am physically and mentally tried. " The suspicion is that the journey on the P M today, fierce photography that Maresco dedicated, the eye from Ionesco out latitude on vices of a marginal land where the State has long abdicated its functions, will not make everyone smile: "Mess with this film I’ll definitely. I live in Palermo and Palermo I reckon ". If Kwame Aims, its David Zard of province with the Pinstripe on the Ordinance, has been lent to a story not always apologetic, accepting the underlying spirit: "I love it, basically Belluscone is a movie about him. I followed for two and a half years they’ve watched of his stories between mitomania and naturalness, he revised and was proud to participate ", others complain of excessive attention and consequently, there is no doubt, you complain. Meanwhile, there is a return to a talent and an intelligence that seemed to lost. Franco Maresco, 56 years old, rare beast in Italy which it was repugnant, Carmelo Bene would be finding a place saved Ark: "I remember and is one of the few things go really proud, though I tell her the truth. I’m a pessimist and frightens me even the positive reaction of the audience. I have a keen sense for the pointlessness of things, for exaggerations, to ephemeral microcosm that everything turns, up and burn in an instant ". The doubt is not "Maresco remains nothing" and that the expectation of the event: "it’s a play that involves media to newspapers, but it doesn’t belong to me". In a distant era: "When I was young and less in shambles now, traveling more and believe more I smile. Today that craving no longer exists and have evaporated even enthusiasm and hopes ". And it is strange to hear it, the polished but gloomy argue of Maresco, if you think of Belluscone, an hour and a half in which reflected no less than mean to laugh. Not interested, says the Director: "Distinguishing good and evil which, as I had already explained Gay Talese, are labilissimi" but tell the distance between young and old. Between a world that communicates through Facebook, but still needs about smartphone technology, "and their violent, sbranante daily intrusion that I resign and that it is difficult to tolerate" know the bare minimum. Those as Ciccio Aims. People who have a Facebook profile, for the sake of mere territorial entrepreneurship owns it, but still in close trust vigorously to the old neighborhood. Maresco stays with them. And when the jump, there is evil. With Ciprì: "with whom I had shared the small bourgeois family ancestry, when not even the ancient" proletarian friendship fades in memory: "we are talking about for years, from 2007. Toto who lived twice, with his tiring censorship stories mixed to casini was exist private movie that resulted in a first setback among us. Couple crisis. Later, in Venice, someone spoke of Renaissance town, but maybe we were too tired to really find ourselves. He had interrupted something and not found the right to renew the affection. Daniele wanted to do anything else. He likes to work hard physically and if you take away the set, practically, the shots. Daniele loves and detests technique inaction and be alone with themselves, while I cannot give up the loneliness and the cinema I’ve always had a relationship more suffered and complicated. It is clear that he had, meritandola, much better luck than me. Is an extraordinary cinematographer, has an innate predisposition for the image and it’s a hyper machine that sometimes makes you wonder ‘ but where the fuck is all this energy? ‘. I do not deny that at first I hatched against him much anger and resentment. And back when try similar feelings in human relations you never go ". Pause: "he’s now considered malleable, expendable. To me instead was the patina of someone who makes things interesting, but basically remains unreliable. Perhaps say I harm myself, but I can assure you that my damn aura is legend. The truth is that when I arrived, I don’t know what it is, the budget is always out of stock ". If the altercation with Ciprì is no longer reversible: "he knows why we quarrelled, but I will not reveal the reason why. I hope for him that the choices that did make it feel good. And who knows that he was right "reasons remain intact," rabies "that swears Maresco, was the initial spark of Surf City. "I was a little boy crazy American cinema classic, the losers, the fate which eventually do not fuck ever and is getting him to fuck you. Gone are the decades, but they continue to like the stories of the defeated, the deluded you forgiveness for vanity and ambition ". Imagine Belluscone, Maresco was so humble to erase the initial project: "an enquiry on Berlusconi" for wandering off elsewhere: "I wanted to do something to Saadat, but at some point, after interviewing dozens of journalists, I realized that I would not have been able to find the right key". So Maresco has dramatically changed perspective, leaving some pearls of Belluscone original momentum. In Belluscone, on a throne in the distance, you see also a previously unreleased, rilassatissimo Marcello Dell’Utri, speak freely in the fortunes of old friend Larry on his native island. "I called Him ‘ I’m Maresco, maybe you will remember tv and perhaps Cynical that the experiment was also crap". He was polite: "It was a bit heavy, but I liked it. Meet Me ". You saw. Halfway through the meeting, when Dell’Utri said that if Berlusconi were telling its true story would be "tremendous" truth, the sound stops, it imbizzarrisce, it becomes incomprehensible: "the story of interrupted sound is true, I would have wanted to kill the sound. I know it seems absurd, but all seemingly absurd things that you see in the film are true. I am superstitious and how aware, more superstitious and the more you attract negative events. In that particular case, a rational explanation wasn’t there. The engineer, a friend, was and is a true professional, but despite an extreme attempt at recovery, there was nothing to be done ". The interview with Mr Dell’Utri, says Maresco, taught him many things: "the first is the ancestral relations that bind the souls of my city. We didn’t have a penny and we wanted to turn in the theater. After shooting for the famous seven churches, we help precisely the Salesians. Make a price, then come to know of the presence of Dell’Utri and magically the price changes and becomes almost nonexistent. " The interview interrupted.  Finally smiles smiles Maresco, this great little film: "I considered lost and that thanks to the help of brothers as Pietro Marcello and Tatti Sanguineti instead survived as a creature of Frankenstein to the jokes of destiny". He smiles to himself. To her tomorrow. The sincerity. In a new way that somehow take off: "I hope and believe us because of this. At my age it’s hard to start doing other things. When one has punctuated its existence of errors and I’m one of those people who has not built a future for himself and has squandered the great bargains that life put me under your nose, you are forced to work. But when a thing I want to do really, I. It’s true, I have my character and ruggedness live in Palermo which is still a peripheral site. Need character and strength, energy and hair on the stomach for it. " Maresco says where to find them, but Belluscone is an indication of no small account.   . For more about this matter read weblink.

The Force Ouvrière Union is stunned by the remarks made by the Minister of labour, François Rebsamen, who stigmatise unemployed, Tuesday told the AFP Stéphane Lardy, Secretary-general of FO A Force employment working, it is quite stunned by the intervention of the Minister of labour and employment. If our Government policy, it is simply stigmatise unemployed people, frankly, I think it’s pretty pathetic, continued the trade unionist. The Minister had not accustomed us to it, he added, accusing the Government of pressing open doors and offer an economic policy and social poor. Of course, job-seekers have obligations in terms of job search, they are already controlled by Pôle emploi, he recalled, in response to the remarks of François Rebsamen who advocates a strengthening controls. I do not at all understand the intervention of the Minister except say that, unfortunately, economic liberalism goes hand in hand with social authoritarianism, said Stéphane Lardy. Whenever we have a Government on the ropes from the economic point of view, it stigmatizes the unemployed, this is unbearable because it does not correspond to the reality he denounced, in reference to controversial remarks made by the former Secretary of State for employment, Laurent Wauquiez, (UMP) under the Fillon Government. The Minister of labour asked Tuesday to Pôle Emploi strengthen controls to verify that the unemployed seek although a job, believing that a sanction was necessary otherwise. His statement sparked Trade Union and political criticism. . For extra facts on this matter click website.

Russia criticism by President Joachim Gauck encounters sharp protest in the Swedish Parliament. The Party Chairman Bernd Riexinger accused Gauck in an interview with Handelsblatt online, to harm the talks about a relaxation of the Ukraine crisis. He called for more restraint in the field of foreign policy by the Federal President. It testifies to little historical sensibility, as a German head of State on the anniversary of the outbreak of the world war pours oil on the fire of a European conflict, Rahiman said. This thwarted all efforts at de-escalation of the conflict in the Ukraine. Gauck had given a speech in Danzig on Monday to the 75th anniversary of the outbreak of the second world war. In it, he criticized Russia had de facto terminated the partnership with the West. Gauch also indirectly accused the Government in Moscow to have annexed the Crimea and militarily to support separatists in the Eastern Ukraine. History teaches us that territorial concessions often only increase the appetite of aggressors, warned the President. . Additional data can be read checking site.

Cause for rejoicing for the German taxi drivers: the controversial Service Broker uber may initially nationwide No more offered its services in Germany. The Landgericht Frankfurt am Main has adopted a corresponding interim injunction in an urgent procedure. Without official permission the passenger transport Act the company should move more no passengers about his app uber and UberPop, the Court ordered. Infringement threatens the company a fine of 250 000 euros or one Ordnungshaft. Uber is now active in more than 200 cities. Last, the limousine service had been banned in various cities in Germany, including in Berlin, by uber. The start-up in San Francisco with European offices in Amsterdam conveys about Smartphone apps drivers and individuals for the promotion and above all the traditional taxi industry is a thorn in the side. Against the prohibition orders, the company wanted to appeal and continue operating until a decision can be. The Court in Frankfurt accuses unfair competition in the decision of the uber-B. V. the Netherlands. The injunction was also due to the risk of repetition. After warning the company made so far no cease and desist, the Court found. . Additional facts can be found reading website.

Flyers, advertising and mailing lists, the researchers to Lydia Bazzano of Tulane University in New Orleans found a total of 148 men and women who wanted to participate in their experiment. All were overweight, not suffered but cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Although the results of the current study are Very much unique, with almost 150 participants but rather ranks the small studies. Also, other studies suggest that a low-carbohydrate diet may not – as would be the case in the current investigation – protect heart and circulatory system, but even harm. Here it’s probably mainly, what is on the menu Instead of carbohydrates. Low carb makes aggressive – depending on the assessment, expressed for example, physician of Markus de Marées ONLINE in an interview with mirror skepticism. The method is indeed effective, you must make sure but All the time, what you eat. And it simply lacks the reward in the form of sugar. In the current study, the participants were and careless at the end. A good solution to compensate for the casual diet would probably have been movement. Good intentions in this respect were forbidden the participants but for the time of investigation. Order not to distort the results through sport, the researchers had kept their participants to move than in the period before No more in the study months. . You can read the following blog to discover extra on this great topic.

The new generation nuclear reactor EPR that Areva built in Olkiluoto, Finland, is expected to enter service in 2018, with nine years behind the initial schedule, announced Areva, which has accumulated significant setbacks on this colossal construction launched in 2005. The end of the construction of the OL3 reactor is scheduled to mid-2016, allowing to start tests from this period, then the commissioning in 2018, said Areva in a press release. The french group and its German partner Siemens refused for more than a year to give a date of commissioning of the EPR, under construction since 2005 at the Olkiluoto plant (South-West of the Finland) and whose commercial startup had first been postponed from 2009 to 2016. It is good news that there is now a real date, because you could not see the end. Although this date may still be possibly moved, said an analyst interviewed by AFP, who prefers to remain anonymous. The bad news is that (the end of construction) will intervene in two years and that by then, it can still happen lots of things, he added. The concern is that as time goes, more will certainly still supplies to pass. Project leaden accounts of Areva (87% by public capital detained group) for several years: Slate total provisioned for losses related to the construction at 3.9 billion euros, or more than the price of the reactor, sold 3 billion in December 2003. The Group assured Monday that the new calendar would not in itself affect the amount of the projected losses at end of the yard, today completed 87%. He stated, however, that it would update the cost of the contract at the order of its annual accounts. -Strained relations – this new schedule seems not eased the tension between the consortium Areva-Siemens and their client, the producer of electricity TVO, who themselves reject responsibility for the significant delays and additional costs. Relations with the latter seem to always also difficult, noted analysts Aurel BGC. Their dispute was brought in 2008 before the arbitral tribunal of the International Chamber of commerce in Paris, where the parties mutually request compensation of several billion euros. A first decision is expected early 2015. AREVA has once again insisted in its statement on the decisive role of TVO for the smooth functioning of the future phase of testing of the reactor. Given this day updated calendar is based on assumptions and liabilities that require the involvement of TVO as owner of the plant, said the group. This involvement is, since the origin of the project, essential to the progression of it, including to facilitate the review of the technical elements and safety by l?Finnish authority Stuk. Extensive working sessions will be held with TVO over the coming months to optimize the realization of these tests, said Areva, which had recently sought the help of the french electrician EDF to help finish the construction of OL3. Nuclear giant attributes the delay in the projects the offset of the approval of the control system for the Steering and control of the reactor, whose architecture has been validated only in April 2014 after four years of exchanges with TVO. This procedure took half less time to the EPR of Flamanville (Northwest of the France) and Taishan (China South), also under construction. For his part, TVO left drill some surprise after the announcement of his supervisor. We will now assess the received data, he replied. However it is hard for us to accept a start forecast as late vendor since the degree [of the] completion is high, the work carried out to meet very high technical standards and that we know what remains as work. Future operator of the EPR, TVO has already repeatedly expressed his dissatisfaction on the performance of its supplier. . You should check the following resource to read extra regarding this great matter.

«Let us look into the eyes of everyone, but let’s face none. If Italy has to change, no one can be called off. No one can stand back. Applies to all sectors. " Writes the premier Matteo Renzi. "The thousand days are opportunity ‘ to ‘ demonstrate that reforms can be made," adds on the site dedicated to "a thousand days".   You have to ‘ change at the root, from our institutions»: «we have to play on the attack, not defence. Choose courage, not fear. " The premier Matteo Renzi indicates how "horizon» an Italy «free from red tape and power rent-seeking of the usual suspects ‘ and ‘ that finally does reform after obsessively debated (and back) for years.   "The thousand days are a wonderful opportunity for politics: demonstrate that reforms can be made. This is the country that appeared on the international scene as the country of vetoes. No, you can’t. Of bureaucracy and procedures. At the end of this period we will have a country more brave, more simple, more competitive. And therefore a policy more credible, "says the Prime Minister.   . Inspirational data may be read checking the following

Sayid took nearly four years to locate his family and went through several centres as supervised by the administration. "Did not have very good experiences because there it coexists with children that have spent much time in the street and that they are not good influences." But while staying at one of the centers studied a course to become a painter and so did several jobs, detailed wall, which Sayid first met when he was 16 years old because he wanted to volunteer in its foundation to help other children in Seville. "He told me that the day before the age of 18 he was told that it could no longer continue in the Center because the guardianship ended. Then spent some time in a House for emacipation minors until he went to live with three roommates more independent floor", says wall. The case of Sayid matches, in part, profile giving the Board of minors who come alone. They tend to be males (in 80% of cases), from Morocco (at 60%) and aged between 16 and 18 (half), Original data could be read clicking the following reference.