Masterclass seems obsolete. No sense have a roll to 250 students who may not intervene if they can be given something engraved. But, on the other hand, much of this is pod to do already and not happened. Quiz there is something we do not understand well, reflects Antonio Cabrales, tico cathedra of Econom of University College London and a member of the Fundaci n Econom of studies to Aplicada (Fedea). N also change schedules? The experts espa oles agree that the border between the school and home are blurred and learning is not restricted to a few hours and a few specific places. The emaily other communications tools they are extending much. Now the teachers have many conversations with students at 20. 00 hours. This is for 10 class. 00-11. 50 hours not s if follow, indicates Garc to. I see m s online courses, and fee. M s students will have to work and are not going to be able to go to conventional hours. We see schools giving classes in summer and on weekends. 76% of respondents believed that the personal skills or pr practices be n m valued s acad micos expertise. Calls soft skills – such as the ability to speak in public p, team work, adapt to the unexpected,.-are becoming m s important in a professional environment, but the experts espa oles agree that, if alone, not supplement a good preparation n acad mica. Learning to learn is, but first there is to know about mathematical practices, science or history. What helps is knowledge, because not learn outside l, indicates Carmen Rodr guez, Professor of practice and organization Did n School of the University of M laga. He is said that sta is the next-generation n better prepared, but the University espa oles do not know what is the Baroque and never have you do to Cervantes. If you intend to form tech Democrats, first n skills and knowledge meet n reduced, says Felipe de Vicente, President of the Association n Nacional de cathedra of Institute (Ancaba). 90% of respondents believe that, in this new scenario, develop learning throughout the life of the student and that s is not limited the training mandatory n stage (between six and 16 a os) and the University. This does not mean that n education will be free. The rev s: 70% think that management n p Republic will cease to be the main source of financing n. Here experts disagree with the survey and remember to Espa EST already above the OECD average in the percentage of education private n. Education n p Republic has a key role in equality of opportunity. I do not understand that it will disappear on ning case, is wing Ismael Sanz. . You must check this home page to discover more about this interesting subject.

The lawyers of the former President of Bankia, Rodrigo Rato, have sent a letter to the Audiencia Nacional in which he asked if est n discounted 197. 459 euros in bail imposed last Thursday. In the document, which have accessed the world, is alan that sa is the amount that the own time and other three former directors of the bank returned last July to request Bankia n and that, therefore, have already been subject to the timely regularizaci n. In attention n everything exposed is interested in the aclaraci n of the car in the sense that it specifies if the referred to 197. 459 euros collected by Bankia and unclaimed by sta has been included or deducted from the total amount in which the amount of the liability decreed, is coded claims judge Fernando Andreu, who directs the case. The writing shows that, if the judge has not discounted such a quantity, you must do so since Bankia is given by safisfecha after the course July n. Is trafficking in the figure that the entity consider that was indebted to Bankia and not with Caja Madrid and proceeded to claim it a while, Jos Manuel Fern ndez Norniella, Ildefonso S nchez Barcoj and Mat as Amat. . For extended data regarding this topic visit source.

"In respect for more than 600 volunteers who have devoted their time and work for the success of the event Italy 5 stars and hundreds of thousands of activists of the movement 5 Stars present at the event, the above are 4 out of 5 stars" Movement, announced on the blog Grillo. The four during the three days at the Circo Massimo came on stage with a banner. Beppe Grillo’s decision to expel the activists protest 4 al Circo Massimo, wowed supporters not 5 stars attending the blog of Beppe Grillo. Many are in fact the negative comments under the post scriptum that stipulates the expulsion. "Newspapers have won: we are putting against each other and are raising in us ‘ doubt ‘. What about????? We are really miserable and. , », it is the bitter comment by Venutalmondo. More drastic Giuseppe: "that sucks this expulsion and. , That sucks and. , ». Says ‘ own goal ‘ Daniele c., adding: "every time, sometimes I have the impression that we don’t want to govern." For Paul Cicero these ‘ 4 non gun if they c ,. None! But was it really necessary to drive them and so become martyrs who obviously will be hosted by all tv? There was also went well that what had passed unnoticed and oddly you genialoidi you have given a great visibility. Sometimes I wonder if they do intentionally». Incredulous even Michele: ‘ I don’t understand ,. why the M5S are hurt as well, is pure science fiction. I voted M5S and for the work of the parliamentary rivoterò, of course if I am Cricket on the street do not know whether to shake his hand or eye. Some, however, that reading ‘ ste things get the urge to go under the House of cricket to tell him ‘ now explain: ‘ a fuck we go you and trust you ask when you ‘ ste dictatorial moves; However then come out are justified, you have to say why, and not two nonsense in 3 rows, in comparison with streaming» 4. Fabio CITES ‘ agreement: «Ne Highlander will remain only two. Because one is zero and two are valid for everyone». Ale instead say ‘ Adios ‘ to the movement: "it is clear. In Cricket the movement becomes between 10 and 20%. To rule won’t fuck a Dick! Raggazi, truly, I say simply. Adios ‘. There are also those who defends Grillo as Cimbro: «the expulsion there is all that dramatic protest date meal at this putrescent printing and the barrel is oxygen gas that cola there I see other purpose. Han made good Casaleggio or Cricket. " And also for Amoreoccidentale ‘ movement is riddled with spies and infiltrators of PD. Should throw out all the protesters and the traitors. There is only one man of whom we trust his name and ‘ Beppe Grillo». But it does not last long and Valerio says: «go, again with the self harm! Excellent, "while Robert is not like the method. . Related facts can be inspected visiting home page.

Very strange the clown phobia, this nice character created to entertain children. He terrorizes yet some children and adults also. It is not possible to know the exact frequency of coulrophobia, because no study has ever evaluated it. But a brief investigation autour self lets see in general that it exists, even if we talk about little. It cannot be said that the fears are pre-programmed in our DNA, and in any case not specifically because we do not have enough genes to encode the phobia of clowns, spiders, vacuum, etc. But we have a system of learning of fears, more or less sensitive depending on the individual, able to implement the reactions of automatic alarms against a potential danger signal. In coulrophobia, the signal is probably this strange face, you can’t read the intentions and that looks partly like an animal. This type of image may be a sign of danger to a child, because we know that some babies from 8 months approximately, are hyper-sensitive to the presence of a foreigner, anyone not familiar.   No. I have not ever killed someone. Finally, the third layer is common to all phobias: avoidance. Believing well do, and can be understood, in general, parents who see their children frightened by clowns are doing everything to protect them by keeping them away from circuses and images at risk. What makes that, very mechanically, the reflex of fear intensifies as nothing comes contradict him: Yes, clowns are really dangerous,. This pretty scientific reading of things does not exclude that psychoanalysts have always done: phobia would be a deeper unconscious fears displacement, related to separation, the castration complex, or even the fear of dying. But these somewhat complicated explanations are impossible to establish specifically for a particular person, and not only terminate in general really effective therapeutic solutions. Then that understand the mechanisms of conditioning and strengthening of phobias by the imagination and avoidance enables better fight. 2. a self-analysis enough says its fears and its behaviour (what are the situations that I fear that I avoid, and how I can explain them on the basis of my history and my environment?); 3. A very progressive confrontation situations dreaded, in very small steps and without ever getting violence, but on the other hand in is remaining faces long and often (daily if possible). . Main source may be read visiting the following

The revolution operated by Renzi, up to this moment, is neither economic nor institutional. To date, has not been changed the architecture of the State and did not see any shooting. Owls and rosiconi aside, we’re still enjoying the annuncite of Premier. In reality, however, something big Radio is doing it. Is changing the boundaries of what is left, or the Center in Italy. Fall under article 18, the protection of the judiciary, the clash between social, blocks the use of taxes (at least in appearance). The entrepreneur becomes a friend, indeed the main interlocutor in relation to the Trade Union, for economic operations. Not to mention the communication. Ends the supposed intellectual superiority of the left to make room, even at popular national tv. The hosted by Renzi to friends has not been nothing compared to yesterday by D’urso. Berlusconi even had the chutzpah to give her of you. The ongoing operation is a progressive depletion of the liberal values of the center that, at this point, is in apparent crisis of identity. Berlusconi himself, apart from more or less confidential agreements of the Pact of Nazzareno, is on the same wavelength as the Premier. And for this war that makes it to the rose water. Not to mention Alfano, prisoner of a deal that keeps him alive but that, day after day, the bereft of its contents. The Saturday Festival in Milan for the start of the Center has been devoid of a true political message. Awakened right title said. But do not understand what, for what values and principles that are not already well rooted in renzismo. It remains only one argument, the right-wing heritage, that Renzi has not cannibalized. Combating immigration, fear of the other, the refusal of acceptance. And it is on this that the other, the shrewd Matteo Salvini, is bunched. The event on Saturday in Milan stopmarenostrum had around 100,000, accessions. Here’s how to aggregate the other right, the more radical and extreme, which does not recognize in a liberal vision. Don’t use terms such as xenophobic and racist because I don’t think the League has (at least not in official summits) even though accession in piazza di Forza Nuova and Casa Pound some disquiet me puts it. But, anyway, the intention is clearly to Salvini. Unite people around the fear of the other, the other coming from outside and that I take away my things. And, in fact, in a period of crisis like this, it works very well. Saturday in the square there were normal, peaceful families, workers in layoffs or unemployed. All together against illegal immigrants, refugees, others. Here’s what’s left, in numerical terms, the inspiration and the right in Italy. When, at the last European elections, has not been elected professor Claudio Borghi, esteemed economist and spokesman for the anti-euro, while they were Borghezio and Buonanno, said that Northern League voters needed to hear, again, the old address. The fight, in fact, that big immigration had made Bossi. Northern League told me that friend was not true. There was only needs time. But the choice made by Salvini in recent weeks, with the return to the old slogan, shows me that I was right. If, however, the emptying of Radhakrishnan right is producing these effects, to the left are not better. Elected mayors with Cenfrosinistra or rank to the head or try something as ideological that they bring out. Here’s attempts to distinguish themselves by Marino and Pisapia which, in spite of the law, transcribe gay marriages. If the picture you paint is real political horizon in which we find ourselves is dangerous. A new centrist formation ideological post clear and right content and two extreme wings chasing fear for migrants, on the one hand, and the exposition exasperated the other rights. Minority positions. Then there’s the cricket that, evidently, has lost its thrust and that you can’t put in any of these positions. If it goes on like this we keep him for Renzi, 20 years. Or maybe more. . Similar information can be read visiting

This weekend, the 24 metre green inflatable structure entitled Tree, priori an innocent tree of Christmas but also a giant sex toy has been much ink. At age 69 and a well-established career, the American Paul McCarthyn’ is not his first feat of arms as the diversion of images is the basis of his subversive work and sexuellementexplicite. While his hard erect Tree place Vendôme, in the context of the FIAC 2014, was vandalized and then dismantled according to the decision of the artistestar of the California scene which has seen less than setbacks, a few years ago. In 2009, the Middelheim open-air sculpture Museum, in Flanders, has installed a Santa Claus that didn’t please everyone. His Santa Claus with butt plug is of the same family as his problematic sculpture of place Vendôme. There was the bearded of happy children holding in his hand a fir tree, in fact a sex toy of the same type. It the avaitexpose four previously in the streets of Rotterdam, where the representation of this lustful character created for children was not everyone’s taste. In recent years, art that plays Visual regression is more more often the public space, in many cities of the world Western and Asian (from Taiwan to Seoul, South Korea), to Tenderize the spectators or passers-by, and even to provoke. Material, the France has had violent polemics when this regressive and inept judged art has held prestigious places. In September 2008, Jeff Koons in the apartments of the Roy in Versailles had offended more than a faithful of the heritage, but reaped a record of visitors. His dog inflatable giant and pink (the famous "Balloon dog" that has done since a record at auction), its giant lobster or his rabbit in chromed steel uncool in the piecesroyale, focusing on humor and offset. Several heritage groups had then demanded their withdrawal, without success. Less controversial but also playful, Rubber Duck. Florentijn Hofman’s giant bathroom duck landed in several countries, causing amazement and amusement. Without more. . For more data regarding this subject click

Children are also the reason why marriage is still the most important form of family in Germany according to the sociologist Jürgen Dobritz from the Federal Institute for population research (BiB) in Wiesbaden. They are often the occasion to conclude a marriage. But It is a loss of meaning of the marriage at the same time, explains Daniel. In Germany as well as on European and international level, children living more frequently in other family models than in the past. The number of single parent families has grown since 1996 to six percent, which the communities has doubled. Reason for this is not only that women more are integrated into the labour market, but a change of setting the BiB sociologists according to. According to a survey of the BiB to the family model of the Germans by 2012, 35 per cent between 20 and 39 years of age entirely reject the marriage as an outdated institution. Every tenth young man wants to remain childless, Dobritz said. Also figures of the statistical Federal Office by 2011 reflect this: just half of the people in Germany lives in a family with children. Particularly in East Germany, the distance to the marriage remains notable according to current micro-census. Is noticeable in the East especially in the territorial States live childless fewer people than in the West, but are also less married to Daniel. In Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony the proportion of married couples is the lowest – in addition to the capital Berlin – with 51%, there are also communities most (23 per cent) each. In Rhineland-Palatinate, however, this form of the family is relatively low (6 percent). The proportion of married couples to all families with young children with 78 percent was the highest in Baden-Württemberg. The most single parent families were living in Berlin: lone parents were there nearly a third (32%) of families, while this was true in Baden-Württemberg only on every sixth family. . Original data may be found checking this source.

The movement is engaged since 2010. Quarter by quarter, job creation are more rare, while the curve of the deletions regularly. An evolution to the crisis, which weighs on the purchasing power of the French. To avoid losing too many customers, retail signs are launched two years ago in a price war. It compresses margins. A context that incentives not to hire massively. Another example: Coop Alsace. A few years ago, this group of hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores had more than 4,000 employees. Since then, he gave many assets. This was not enough. Its CEO Henri Ancel announced Friday 17 October it will file Monday the balance sheet of the company, which employs 150 people. And this industry slump is less compensated by the dynamism of services.  The Bank, in particular, could know its worst year since 2009. "He there has only software and consulting and services sectors specialized who continue to show a dynamism such as job creation is clearly exceed the deletions", says the head of Trendeo. . Main facts may be found visiting this

Rafael Nadal, subjected to antibiotics last week to delay an operation for appendicitis, has confessed to be scared by the reaction of his body Monday in the first round of the Basel ATP tournament which he meets for the first time in ten years. I’m not 100% sure of what will happen tomorrow. I got well enough nor sufficiently trained. In addition, the competition makes you adrenaline, the heart beats faster. So I am a little scared by the reaction of my body, said Nadal, 28 years, treated with antibiotics last week, which delays a few weeks his appendicitis operation. This will be one of the most dangerous laps of my career in 500 tournaments long long. My body is more tired than usual when I play. And I do not know how it will react (tomorrow), said Nadal after a two-hour training session at the St Jakobshalle Sunday. Nadal, winner of nine Roland Garros, had resumed the competition end of September in Beijing after three months of absence due to a wrist injury. He had returned the week last at his home in Majorca, after his elimination in the first round of the Masters 1000 in Shanghai. It was under antibiotic for 4-5 days and her doctor explained to him that he could continue to play despite his appendicitis. Injuries are part of sport and occupy an important place in my career. I live in the day the day. I do not know if I will be able to evolve at the top level when I have 33 years (as does Roger Federer). I think that tomorrow, concluded Nadal, opposed to a qualified Monday. . Similar facts can be read visiting reference.

Since when are you Kobane? I arrived on 20 July. Before I was in Tunisia, where I worked as a radiologist. I’m Kurdish, Syrian and originally from Kobane, and I came back to help the Kurdish fighters as I could. There is no radiologist apart from me here. My two brothers and the son of one of them are with me. What is the situation on the spot? Kurdish forces have resumed new quarters these days and now control about 70% of the town. Since last week, the coalition air strikes are precise and effective. But we continue to suffer the indiscriminate bombing of the jihadists Daech, mostly found in the East of the city. This is not so much the soldiers on the ground that are missing here, but heavy weapons enable us to better resist. The world should feel concerned by what is happening here. Are there many wounded and dead? Yes, there are about half a dozen wounded per day, it sometimes rises to thirty. On the side of civil, I would say five per day. In the streets, dead bodies are everywhere. This poses a real risk that diseases – such as cholera – spread. There is a need for a humanitarian corridor (Editor’s Note: at this point in the conversation we hear an explosion.) Mortar fire has just landed not far from him). Under what conditions do you care about these people? There is no hospital here, the three were bombed. At this time we settled to the ground floor and the basement of a building, where we are not coming out. We often change place, staying sometimes two days or a week. With four other doctors of the city and a few nurses and paramedics, we provide emergency care. It is difficult because we lack of milk for children, food and drinking water. Thursday, Daech destroyed our last ambulance. . You can click this to read extra regarding this great topic.