One begins to understand the reasons that have motivated removal Thursday afternoon to the United Kingdom of the small Ashya, 5 years, suffering from a brain tumor, his family. If Ashya and his family were found by police Saturday night in the South of Spain, Brett King, the father of the child, explained his action in a video posted on Youtube. In this ten-minute video, there is Brett King lying on a bed with his son Ashya in arms. The father of the family indicates that it does not consider itself as a "kidnapper". Brett King explains leaving the United Kingdom after having claimed a treatment specific for his son, made of a tumor to the brain eight days ago. A treatment that was denied by the medical team of the Southampton Hospital. "We have not been careless with Ashya" so says Brett King. "It follows the same medical protocol than the hospital and Ashya is in good health" continues the father of family. For the British authorities, it was urgent to find Ashya in danger of death since its survival depended on a naso-gastric tube. After two days of searching, Ashya King has been located in a hotel in the South of the Spain and his parents were arrested Saturday by Spanish police. The family settled in a small pension from a village near Malaga. Pension receptionist alerted the police after noting the license plate of the car of the King family sought by Interpol. Ashya, whose health was considered to be ‘fragile’, was transferred urgently to a hospital in Malaga. . For extra information regarding this topic click link.

Benoît Jacquot has brought together a prestigious cast in 3 c? urs, second film french to enter in competition at the Venice Film Festival, the story of a love triangle for which the festival Director confesses having had a c? ur. It is the first film that I have come this year. I saw it very early during the selection, from the month of April, and I liked much, told AFP the Director general of the Mostra, Alberto Barbera, who smiles when reference is made to a premium for the french cinema with four films on the selected twenty for the Golden Lion hunting. The problem of selecting a movie very quickly, it is also not being able to bring others, of the same nationality, under penalty of having an unbalanced selection, he said. But Benoît Jacquot is a regular at the lakeside city since he already came there three times in official competition, without never however win the supreme award in 1997 (with the seventh heaven, with no scandal and the Intouchable in 2006) in 1999. This time, it is with 3 c? urs, a sentimental drama, which he submitted to the judgment of the jury of the Mostra, chaired by his compatriot Alexandre Desplat, and which will give its verdict on September 6. Its assets? A scenario which, though commonplace at the start, will quickly prove to be very original, but also a cast of top-flight: Benoît Poelvoorde, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Catherine Deneuve and Chiara Mastroianni, the latter being mother and daughter in the film as in life. The plot involves us in a provincial town. One night, Marc (Benoît Poelvoorde) met Sylvie (Charlotte Gainsbourg) when he missed the train to go to?Paris. They wander the streets until morning, speaking of anything but themselves, leaving the passion to settle. When Marc takes the first train in the morning, it gives in?Sylvie an appointment to?Paris, a few days after. They know nothing of the other. Sylvie will go to this meeting but Marc, victim of a heart, malaise. It will return the look, in vain, but it will fall in love with another, Sophie, without knowing that it is the s? ur of Sylvie. -Betrayals j ‘ had very wanted to do a film in the tradition of American melodrama but the film also has a certain relationship with + side + by François Truffaut, wife said Benoît Jacquot press conference. But if I make a movie with a genre in mind, I can not. If my colleagues tell me it looks like this or that, I change, he said. In addition to gender relations and betrayals that may occur, the film describes a beautiful relationship between a mother, Catherine Deneuve (silences and sobriety) and two daughters. For me, it was easier than for girls because in the movie, I am to eat often. It is a way to have a physical and sensual relationship with her children. I am seen as the ogre who feeds his children, explained Catherine Deneuve. Charlotte Gainsbourg expressed, she, very intimidated by the fact that Chiara and Catherine are mother and daughter in life. I didn’t have the complicity they had between them (,.). But I was reassured that this complicity has arrived in a natural way during the filming, she said to the press. This alongside his mother, Chiara Mastroianni said having liked the role of this shy, troubled woman, and which sees not what happens his eyes to know the relationship between the one who became her husband and the s? ur with which it has strong links. Third of four french films in competition, away from the men, by David Oelhoffen, which leads us into the Algerian Atlas mountains in 1954, will be presented Sunday on the fifth day of the Mostra. . You should click the following url to read extra on this interesting topic.

Federal President Joachim Gauck urges Europe to unity in the Ukraine crisis. The daily reports from the Ukraine are Very much cause for concern, said Gauck in Maastricht at the celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the Netherlands. In the presence of Heads of State of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg the President reminiscent of the alleged downing of a passenger aircraft over the Eastern Ukraine on 17 July. In these weeks of heavy, it is all the more important that we stand together in Europe and in the Western world, he says. Common values and achievements should be kept. The EU Summit is To give new sanctions against Russia in order according to the French President, François hollande. The development is so serious that the Council must respond, said hollande in Brussels. The European Commission will now certainly commissioned to take further steps. Also the Dutch Prime Minister mark Rutte calls for strong action by the Europeans. It must also be checked what effect would the previous economic sanctions on Russia’s economy. In the face of the fighting in the East of Ukraine more than 130 000 have applied according to Moscow authority so far Ukrainians in Russia of refugee status. Total people from the embattled regions of Lugansk and Donetsk in Russia have settled since the outbreak of the conflict in April around 820. 000, communicated by the migration authority in Moscow. EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso and the head of Ukrainian State Petro Poroshenko warn one No more to stop escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. We are in a position Very much serious, dramatic, says Barroso in Brussels after discussions with Poroshenko over the conflict with Russia. We could have a situation in which we reach a point where there is no turning back. After investigation of the usage of Russian soldiers in the Ukraine, a regional member of the Yabloko opposition party has been his party according to beat up and injured. Yabloko tells Lew Schlosberg had been attacked on the eve of three unknown. The 51 have suffered injuries to the head and the eyes, he was in the hospital, says his wife, the radio station Moscow echo. He had suffered a concussion and could No more remember the attack. Schlosberg representing Yabloko in the city of Pskov, which lies north-west of the capital Moscow. A few days ago, he had participated in the secret burial of soldiers, had apparently been killed in the Ukraine. According to an employee Schlosberg and his entourage think that fight from the region of Pskov, about one hundred soldiers in the Ukraine. Searches are difficult, because to keep the families of the soldiers covered. Who is this silence?, Schlosberg asked recently in a local newspaper. Russian tanks and pro-Russian separatists are according to Ukrainian in the East of Ukraine on the rise. Russian tanks had destroyed virtually every house in the village Nowoswitliwka, a military spokesman says. The Ukrainian Security Council tells about Twitter, Russia will continue the direct military aggression against the Eastern Ukraine. The Government in Moscow has rejected accusations, their soldiers are in the Ukraine in use. The Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski called invasion of the Russian action in the Eastern Ukraine. Europe and the Western world are now faced with the question, how to effectively respond, he says the Germany radio culture and the Germany radio. Can we Putin hold the Russia of President (Vladimir), to form new political spheres of influence, which would mean the restoration of the Russian Empire, Komorowski said. It go not only to political interests, but about what will become of Europe, a Europe of Cossacks, or a democratic. . You must check the following to read more on this great topic.

"Estimating the economic value resulting from criminal activities-State Secretary of Cgia, Giuseppe Bortolussi-is the result of our data processing performed on the Bank of Italy. It should be recalled, according to the definitions established by the OECD, that the data produced by the National Road Institute do not include violent crimes like theft, robbery and extortion, usury». We talk about ‘ illegal transactions agreed between the seller and the buyer ‘ means smuggling, arms trafficking, illegal disposal of waste, gambling, handling stolen goods, prostitution and drug trafficking. Criminal activities that earn 170 billion per year, the equivalent of the GDP of the region Lazio» precise Bannerman.   Confirmation of the escalation of turnover in Chief criminal organisations emerges from the number of reports received in recent years to the Financial Intelligence Unit (Fiu) of the Bank of Italy: it is considered suspicious transactions reported to the Fiu, and by financial intermediaries, in most cases (80 per cent), banks and post offices, insurance companies, finance companies. Between 2009 and 2013 these reports have increased to almost 212 percent: If in 2009 were 20. 660, in 2013 have reached 64 share. 415, although it must be said that the record level was reached in 2012, with 66. 855 reports.   Received the alerts, the Fiu launches insights on suspicious transactions and transmits, financial analysis, enriched the special currency Police Unit of the Guardia di finanza (Nspv) and anti-mafia investigative Directorate (Dia). Just in case the signals are deemed unfounded, the Fiu the stores. «Of course-continues Bannerman-criminal organizations have the need to reinvest the proceeds of their illegal activities in the legal economy. And the boom of complaints occurred between 2009 and 2013 is a very disturbing signal. Despite not knowing the number of reports filed by the Fiu or the economic size of those that were subsequently examined by the DIA and Monetary police, we strongly suspect that the increase in reports recorded in recent years shows that this part of the national economy is not the only one suffered from the crisis.   The analysis conducted by the Research Department of Cgia is able to "map" the number of reports of money laundering also in 2013 at the regional level. The most affected regions were Lombardy (11.575), Lazio (9.188), Campania (7.174), Veneto (4.959) and Emilia Romagna (4.947). Nearly 60 percent of registered signals nationwide is concentrated in these five regions. In reference to regional data, says the Research Department of Cgia, in addition to reports of money laundering also includes those relating to the financing of terrorism and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. However, the number reported in the latter two areas is statistically very content: in 2013 was at 186.   . Main facts can be read checking the following hyperlink.

To be honest I must admit that I, too, when I saw the title of the new article by Sheila Bair on Fortune magazine in September (the one with Pope Francesco cover) are sobbalzato off the Chair. But like, I said, companies already pay lower taxes on gains that their employees and just she is proposing to eliminate the tax on their often already considerable gains? The headline reads: "Why getting rid of the corporate income tax make sense" (because it is good way to get rid of the tax on profits of companies). Then Sheila is one who understands these things well and I was frankly surprised that you propose to abolish the tax tout court during a period of time where popular indignation over the United States is soaring against large companies, which pay less taxes decide to implement "Tax Inversion". Okay I stand in the Board of Directors of big business means making their interests, but this proposal looks extremely brazen. From her (that previously I had always seemed very fair in their opinions) I would expect not. However, continuing to read, I soon had to ricredermi, his proposal is indeed sensible. Let’s see why. Are already several hundred billion (2 trillion says even Bair) dollars for taxes due by several large companies and parked abroad. Do not fall in the United States due to the high (or regarded as such) tax on profits, which in the Usa is at 35%. But also by reducing the levy, who could ensure that also the other States that now have better conditions of taxation would equally? First, how do you explain very well the Bair, by taxing businesses do not tax the rich (as many think) but the company tax, i.e., in an industrialized society, the most important responsible entities to create work. Not to mention that with some accounting artifice, entirely regular, is quite easy to increase certain costs and reduce the income to which you should pay taxes. The bair brings other examples (more complicated) to demonstrate that the proposal would give handsomely in many respects and calls into question the prof. Martin Feldstein, the Harvard University, which has long proposed to charge a small fee of only 3 cents on each $ 100 of financial transactions. In this way, and with a volume of operations in constant growth, you would get annually approximately 35 billion dollars. . For extra data regarding this topic visit homepage.

POLICY – La Rochelle, city of Slingers? All Socialists are not of this opinion. And if you wanted to find the most fervent supporters of François Holland, it is in the gardens of the museum of natural history that it was necessary to find this Friday night. In addition to the summer University for the PS, each power has indeed used to meet at the four corners of the city to be counted and support their leader. Why are they there, and not a few hundred metres more far where Arnaud Montebourg has reunited relatives? We find ourselves completely in the policy that is being conducted by the president of the Republic. This assumed social democratic line is the only one possible. And it is not so different from that which was presented during the campaign. At le Bourget, I also heard a candidate who did not want to let go the deficits, lance with a bit of bad faith Robin, 22 years. We hear but it is as if François Holland or Manuel Valls was speaking. The French are waiting for the results and it makes good sense, but they will eventually arrive. This is why it is important to insist with the responsibility Pact which begins to produce its effects. But mostly what voters want is consistency. And now we can no longer say that it is lacking, says Robin. You want yet? This is Mathieu who spends the last layer. It is too early to take stock of this quinquennium, it isn’t even mid-term. What matters is what will be done in two years. And then there is not only the economy. What the French remember the policies pursued in the 1970s and 1980s, is the legalization of abortion, the end of the death penalty. In ten or twenty years, it will be recalled that it is François Holland who made marriage for all, finds the young man, very uncomfortable to take the defense of the president. It is finally the arrival of Stéphane Le Foll around 19:30 which gives the top departure from this small country meeting. Fleur Pellerin took place on the edge of the lawn near Carole Delga and not far from Frédéric Cuvillier; He left the Government at the beginning of week and despite some sympathetic remarks in the direction of the head of State, it comes to show by his presence that he is not a Slinger as Montebourg, Hamon Filippetti. Manuel Valls near parliamentarians have also made the trip: we thus note the presence of Jean-Jacques Urvoas, Carlos Da Silva or Luc Carvounas. In short, the diehard defenders of the Executive couple. There must be at least 300. I do not remember that in 2009, was also many, enjoys a history of president, in reference to the year or François Holland began his March to the presidential. The 300 Spartans faithful to King Leonidas,. a story that ended badly. We are here to show our support to the policy of the president of the Republic. It succeeds only if we are consistent and coherent because there will be no individual success, launches the Minister of Agriculture. Bruno Le Roux adds noting assistance that 218 members have signed the platform of support for the head of State. We are left, we are fully and totally from left, insists the Seine-Saint-Denis Member who did edit a booklet destined for militants to extol the action since may, 2012. . For extended insights regarding this subject read

The Russian authorities have classified as "foreign agents" a group of soldier mothers who require information about the suspected presence of Russian troops in the Eastern Ukraine. The Ministry of Justice in Moscow announced on Friday, it consider "foreign agents" a group called "Soldier mothers of St. Petersburg". While Kiev and its Western supporters now speak of a military intervention in Russia in the Eastern Ukraine, Moscow continues to deny the presence of Russian troops in the area. On Friday, a representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, according to the Interfax news agency said the Group of soldier mothers spread "Ukrainian propaganda". Polyakova said in the opposition TV station Doschd about a hundred wounded Russian soldiers had arrived in St. Petersburg. It is not clear where they were. Kiev in turn had communicated at the beginning of the week to have taken ten Russian paratroopers on Ukrainian territory. Russia said they had accidentally crossed the border. On Thursday, dozens of mothers of soldiers in Kostroma, North of Moscow tried to demonstrate. They demanded the authorities to inform them of the whereabouts of their sons. . Similar information can be found checking

As regards welfare fraud, police captured him in two different categories. Their statistics is one of the fraud to the detriment of social insurance and social service providers and the other benefit fraud. Last year, there were just 60 suspects with Bulgarian and Romanian citizenship in the first category. In the second category there were 135; overall the 195. mind you, it comes to suspects, not to convicted fraudster. Their number is equal to a percentage of 0.5 per thousand of the population living in Germany from Bulgaria and Romania – and a Very much low fraction of the 22 132 suspects in Germany in this category as a whole. Of course, the number of unreported cases is higher. This is true not only for Bulgarians and Romanians, but also for other population groups, about Germans. Even if one takes into account the officially recorded cases, the proportion of welfare cheat under the Germany-based Bulgarians and Romanians in the Milli is likely to remain. Beyond the police statistics, there is no further evidence of an abuse of social benefits by Bulgarians living in Germany and Romanians on a particularly large scale. Like to spread the prejudice that especially large families targeted move to Germany, here to obtain child support. The opposite is true: the proportion of children for which entitlement to child benefit can be collected is in the German population 16.5 percent. Under the Germany-based Bulgarians and Romanians is this stake to 15.6 percent. . Related data can be read visiting resource.

The Iceland has banned this morning for a few hours the air traffic above the Bardarbunga volcano decreeing red alert, the highest on the scale of emergencies, after which this night being an eruption, but ash emission. In 2010 the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull volcano small pi mand haywire air traffic across Europe for several days. The Iceland late in the morning then authorised the resumption of flights. The Icelandic Meteorological Institute downgraded the alert to red, the highest level, to orange. So far not an emission of ash, which would affect air traffic. The Icelandic Civil Protection had released a statement in which he explained that the Bardarbunga volcano eruption began just after the stroke of midnight in Holuhraun area, a field of lava in the center of the island, far away from the populated area. The radar-continued-release have not for the moment detected any emission of ash. More than 10 days that the Icelandic Meteorological Institute monitors the evolution of the situation of the biggest active volcano of the island returned after a series of seismic shocks. Coldiretti Meanwhile looks with fear the ban on overflying above the Bardarbunga volcano. Get a new red alert for Italian exports, agricultural organization says Recalling that in 2010 following the Icelandic volcano eruption under the glacier Eyjafjallajokull were about 10,000 tons of goods were involved in the air traffic chaos, which has blocked incoming streams, and departing from Italy hitting especially the perishable fruit products pi, fish, flowers and mozzarella. According to Coldiretti a new block could have a significant impact on the national economy. To suffer the consequences of prolonged air stop in April 2010, precises in fact the Organization were primarily agricultural food products Made in Italy that are exported by air overseas, for an estimated value by Coldiretti in about ten million within a week. . Original data could be studied reading the following info.

The preacher Tanchelm of Antwerp was – it is believed the writings of medieval churchmen – a true figment of hell. The cathedral chapter of Utrecht in a letter to the Archbishop Friedrich of Cologne calls him a Corruptor and Schämer of Church of Christ to the year 1115. He had brought the Flemish heretics at the stake. You say your Holiness, that you you mercy and held the stormy assault of our anti-Christ, it says in the letter. Tanchelm had opened his mouth against the sky and dared to spread heresy against the sacraments of the Church. This heretic reiterated in the spirit of his arrogance, neither Pope nor bishops, even archbishops, nor priest, to fear another cleric. Over many centuries, from the Middle Ages until the early modern era, the fight against heretics moved the Christian Occident. The vocabulary of those years is alive to this day by the heretical criticism to the witch-hunt against dissidents. However it No more is the Church, which occurs in the role of persecutor at the latest since the enlightenment first and foremost: modern heretics is there also in the philosophy, art, economics and politics. And the Communist dissident was also a heretic as the excommunicated critic of the Catholic Church. What makes the character of heretic, then as now, is his special relationship with the subject of his criticism. After medieval definition, he was just any other religion. Rather, heresies were deviations from the own faith, a product of evil whisperings, a list of Satan, Christ at the end of time to strengthen with the armies of the Antichrist for the big fight, said of the Apocalypse of John. Heretics of the Orthodox Church resisted since the arch heretic of Arius in the early 4th century. So A lot close but allowed only one conclusion to Christianity at same time warp indeed of salvation of Christ: that Islam as Ketzertum is to condemn! So it was the basic early scholastic definition as she held tightly the glossa ordinaria, an early medieval collection of Bible commentaries, to the letter in the Bible: is heretic, who fought the law [so the Bible] by the words of the law – so bring the Christian faith with quotations from the Holy font itself in danger. The accusation of heresy then became a legitimization strategy for any form of expansion of power: war, inquisition, torture, and funeral pyres were weapons against the heresy – the Kings and other lay princes were consistently the benefits. So, the heretic’s crusade against the Cathars in southern France, which was founded in the year 1209, precipitated the reign of the French King in the Languedoc. Combating the Stedinger farmers heretics declared restored the rule of the Archbishop of Bremen on the North Sea coast in the years up to 1234. And Philipp IV. of France prompted a heresy trial against the Templars, to break the power of this order of Knights and, as you may suspect whose assets in the early 14th century to get. . For extended information about this matter check reference.