Of former Daimler – Rolls-Royce-Manager Axel Arendt will represent the State of Brandenburg in the Supervisory Board of the airport in the future. On Tuesday, this was announced Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) in Potsdam.  Arendt is also Chief of the Panel, Woidke left open. Also represented in the Supervisory Board Finance State Secretary Daniela Trochowski (left) will be, as the Potsdam Cabinet decided. A shareholder meeting is to formally decide the personal data on Tuesday. There are many indications now, Arendt takes over the post as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the outgoing Berlin Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit. According to airport Coordinator Rainer Bretschneider no choice but available for the Supervisory Board meeting this Friday on the order of the day. For Wowereit successor Michael Müller moves to the Supervisory Board. The Chairman of the left group in the Brandenburg Landtag, Margitta powerful advocated before the decision, keep politicians in the Supervisory Board. Where public money is used, I am in favour of that public, including politicians, to sit at the table. She expressed their preference for a mix of professionals, business managers and politicians for the Supervisory Board. The States of Berlin and Brandenburg Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH is one of 37 percent each, the Federal Government holds 26 percent of the shares. Woidke called unnecessary speculation about a replacement by the airport managing director Hartmut Mehdorn which rbb Tuesday. A premature termination of his contract until 2016 was not planned. A report of the Handelsblatt according to Hartmut Mehdorns post to the disposition should be. The search have already begun for a successor for the BER Business Guide, it says. Hottest candidate for the succession were the Chief of the airport Cologne-Bonn, Michael Garvens, and the Munich airport manager Thomas Weyer. Garvens should supposedly present on Monday. The Government spokesman for the Brandenburg State Government, Thomas Brown, called this nonsense to the rbb. None of the two mentioned gentlemen will follow Mehdorn. Government spokesman with views of the two other partners – federal and State of Berlin – wanted to not comment on the question of whether already a Mehdorn’s successor will searched. Also the mirror had reported false notes in the BER boardroom after Mehdorn had annoyed a few days ago about external controllers at the airport. He accused the Berlin airport company’s Supervisory Board, to organize an inquisition in his home. The contract of the 72 regular expires end of February 2016. . Inspirational source could be found checking this weblink.

The Christian Democrats choose a new Board and a new Bureau on Tuesday. The Chairwoman Angela Merkel is at the Party Congress in Cologne for the eighth time in a row the choice. Also their five deputies are closed again. Opponents do not have them. Anders is the election of the Bureau. Eight candidates on seven courses here. Exciting is how high will be the results of the incumbent and who flies out of the Bureau. The internal Union dispute over a tax relief in this legislature could settle the CDU a day before the Party Congress and avoid such a vote in the matter. Election of the Presidency – such an increase should there not be this time in the chairmanship election. So apply eight CDU politician to seven seats. While the health specialist of the Bundestag group, Jens Spahn, and Health Minister Hermann Gröhe, would move newly in the Panel. Join the Office-holders: Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, the Prime Minister, Annegret Kramp Karrenbauer of the (Saarland) and Stanislaw Tillich (Saxony), the MEP David McAllister, the Berlin health Undersecretary Emine Dale Walker and the Chairman of the Christian Democratic workforce, Karl-Josef Laumann. . For additional facts regarding this topic read http://autopomoc.biz.

Between 2008 and 2012, Korean, Chinese and Japanese leaders were found 5 times at major summits trilateral to try to institutionalize their relations and boosting the world aura of their nations that weigh, together, 25% of global GDP. But since December, 2012, and the arrival in power in Japan of Shinzo Abe, any meeting not held between the three executives. "We must absolutely bring confidence in Northeast Asia", hammered, yesterday the Chairperson Park Geun-hye, which opened in Seoul, the seventh edition of the World Policy Conference (WPC). The leader who has never had formal exchanges with Shinzo Abe that she questions the conservative ideology has revealed that its diplomats were working to the organization by 2015 a new summit involving South Korean, Chinese and Japanese leaders. Seoul is currently negotiating with Tokyo the contours of a rapprochement between the two comparable to that drawn, capitals in recent months, between China and the Japan. The two countries had agreed in November on the drafting of a statement laying down a status quo on their territorial disputes in the East China Sea. A few days later, Xi Jinping, Chinese president, met for the first time with Shinzo Abe and had mentioned the revival of cooperation. Before resuming their projects with Tokyo, South Korean officials want the Japanese Executive is committed to not jeopardise its reading of the crimes committed by the Japanese Imperial Army on the Korean peninsula in the first half of the 20th century. . For extra facts about this matter visit http://autopomoc.biz.

In the standings, Nancy is placed in the top 8 (7th) with a positive balance (6 wins-5 losses) at the expense of his opponent, regrowth outside the qualifying places for the play-offs (11th) and which tilts in the negative (5 wins – 6 losses). The Asvel was unbeaten since mid-November of his current Nordine Ghrib coach Vincent Collet replacing. But Edwin Jackson, top scorer of the Championship, was not in a good evening (15 points but to two 3/7 and 2/9 to three points) and his family were crushed to rebound by Nancy (53-30!). For these reunions between brothers Sy, Amara (Asvel) and Vinu (Sluc), the two teams have offered a permanent two-way. Nancy has created a first difference (9-2, 3rd) until the Lyonnais recover by an 8-1 in two minutes (10-10, 5th) and end at the top at the end of the first quarter (18-20). The Asvel invaded in a second quarter significantly less good technically and Nancy then resumed offshore (31-24, 17th) with a 11-0, preventing his opponent to score for more than five minutes. The Sluc turning head at the break (36-32) but Nancy attritional return from the locker room by cashing a 0-9, Villeurbanne ironing before shot award-winning Taurean Green (36-41, 25th). The Sluc finally stopped bleeding after five minutes without a basket (41-43, 26th) and resumed the lead (49-48, 29th) on a shot under the basket by Florent Pietrus. The last quarter was that of Nancy, which put end to the suspense through Darius Adams on two shots in three consecutive points (64-58, 37th then 67-61, 38th). Results of the 11th day of the Championship of France ProA’s basketball: vendrediGravelines – Le Havre 69 – 78Paris-Levallois – Le Mans 74 – 65Pau-Orthez – Boulogne-sur-Mer 90 – 59 samediCholet – Châlons-Reims 77 – 80Dijon – Nanterre 100 – 105Strasbourg – Bresse 76 – 63 Dimancheorleans – Rouen 83 – 87 lundiNancy – Villeurbanne 72 – 66 mardi(20h50) Limoges-Chalon. Main facts could be studied checking the following page.

The new project will entrust a team of professional journalists to filter social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit for identifying important global news, and then broadcast on the same platform. We want to bring you the news of the world directly through social media, explains Andy Carvin Monday in a blog post, citing a new project of social journalism. We are journalists and people who tell stories – not gurus, rockstars or experts self-proclaimed, he warns. We have all the answers and do not serve them. We prefer to listen to rather that give lessons. It also stresses the editorial independence of Reported. LY. We don’t take orders from anyone, end point, he says. Only our team will determine what we cover and that we do not cover. Financiers, sponsors, officers, directors and other institutional influence will not have their word to say in our editorial decisions. It calls on the other hand the public to give ideas, promising to listen to the ideas and take them seriously. First Look Media had been created the year last by Pierre Omidyar, who pledged to provide approximately 250 million dollars of funding. Another of its projects is the website The Intercept information, for which it is associated to investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, who had been the speaker of the revelations of Edward Snowden on the vast system of intelligence agency American NSA espionage. First Look Media is a not-for-profit entity, but Pierre Omidyar also plans to create another for-profit business to develop new technologies for the media. . Inspirational facts can be studied visiting this homepage.

He is named Justo José, is a Spanish far-right activist and in recent months has been repeatedly exposed, protesting against the right to abortion or parading on the Rambla of Barcelona with a SS uniform so far his "demonstrations" were incurred without any major problems, but yesterday the man of 42 years, decided to raise significantly the shot. It has in fact gone to the zoo of Barcelona wearing a camouflage uniform then, so tanned, has leapfrogged the fence that delimits the fossa dei leoni and approached to animals, that there they thought a further instance on balzargli. The man was bitten on the face and other parts of the body, while other visitors have started screaming attracting the attention of the service staff, who attempted to draw the attention of the felines by throwing pieces of meat and then "firing" water with a sprinkler nozzle. At that point, Justo José was rescued by veterinarians of the structure. Transported to the hospital in serious condition, the activist should not be life threatening. Some witnesses reported that the man once attacked by lions, they yelled or tried to defend themselves. Apparently José suffers from mental disorders rather serious and in the past he attempted to heal without success. In Spain became famous in recent months for some egregious examples: never, though, had pushed so much in there. . Original facts may be studied reading this web site.

Berlin РDeutsche Bahn plans an extensive rehabilitation program for their infrastructure Рwith many construction sites for the next five years. The Group announced on Monday and thus confirming an up-to-date report of the mirror. At peak times there will be therefore 850 construction sites a day. Together, federal and company provide 28 billion euros in the period from 2015 to 2019 at the disposal. Background is the recent agreement of the group with the Federal Government to finance the network maintenance. For several lines, the railway already announced closures in the coming year. Around the high-speed line between Cologne and the Rhine-main area is affected. It is locked on four weekends in April and may. The trains either drive a different route, which takes 60 minutes longer, or fail. And travellers on the routes Hanover-G̦ttingen, Cologne and Aachen, Cologne Siegen, Mannheim-Stuttgart, Nuremberg-Ansbach and Munich-Ingolstadt as well as the Berlin S-Bahn services must temporarily set on constraints. . You should read this web site to read more about this amazing subject.

The CSU wants to weaken their controversial demand that immigrants should speak in the family German. "It everyone can speak at home, how he wants", Deputy party leader Peter Gauweiler said the Monday prior to the meeting of the party Executive in Munich. The disputed sentence in the guiding proposal for the Party Congress at the end of the week should be reformulated. Even the Chairman of the CSU land group in the Bundestag, Gerda Hasselfeldt, said: "we must think more about the wording." The basic idea is however correct. "It is undisputed that language for integration is the most important thing," said Hasselfeldt. The invitation to speak, in the family German wants to be understood Hasselfeldt not as a duty, but as a "Motivation and stimulation". It is so far in the guiding proposal for the CSU Party Congress next weekend in Nuremberg: "who wants to live permanently here, should be encouraged to speak in public places and in the family german." The demand had triggered a wave of derision and outrage at the weekend. Scrub stressed in the "Passauer Neue Presse": "We want no rules, no obligation and no control." The principle that the German language of the master key to the integration is applied to the CSU: "Because nobody can do mind." His party would induce that not only in the school and in the workplace is german spoken, but as often as possible in everyday life". You could argue about wording, Scheuer said: "But this principle, no one can dissuade us." The designs of the Leitanträge were "well prepared and broadly tuned," Scheuer said. "The party Executive Board will advise unchanged, so as presented, intense this on Monday.". For more insights about this topic click http://autopomoc.biz.

To perform this experiment, George H. Van Doorn, Dianne Wuillemin and Charles Spence proposed 54 participants to drink coffee with milk (65 ml of coffee and 135 ml whole milk) in white, blue and transparent containers, or in cups in glass covered with a colourful pouch (white, blue and without a cover). Scientists wanted to check if the contrast of colors between the beverage and the container play a role in the perception of the intensity and sweetness of the content.   Results abound in this sense: for participants, more intense and bitter coffee is appears in a white mug than in blue mugs or glass. What researchers explain by the Brown association and bitterness about the coffee. Thus more Brown emerges, more the beverage is perceived as bitter. Which tends to confirm other studies on coffee and its container, such as dating back to 1979: the research of Jean-Paul Favre and André November showed that consumers perceived a coffee served in a Brown as Cup too hard.   Other research have already been carried out on the importance of the color of the container. Thus, Bettina Piqueras-Fiszman has established that Strawberry foam (red) was perceived as 10% sweeter and 15% more tasty when asked on a white plate rather than a black.   . Root data can be found reading the following web site.

This primarily concerns the political sports figures. Because the chances are close to zero. This is about the expected candidacy of the United States, which are likely to be snubbed again last in the form of the television network NBC with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have signed a contract for nearly $8 billion. On the other hand the German has filed in the past year 2024 its candidacy for the European Championships Football Association (DFB), the Freestyle is considered to be part of the deal. That the two most important sporting events of the year just a few weeks in a country take place, is not conceivable Рand according to the current interpretation of the Olympic Charter impossible in the global circle of sports officials. In paragraph 34, it says alignment and sequence of the games are likely to be affected in any way by another event, which takes place in the host city or in its surroundings. Two years ago, there was a precedent when Turkey 2020 2020 AWD on the EM as also the Olympics. The former IOC President Jacques Rogge called on Turkey to make a decision, and indeed, the EM plans were soon pass̩. But Germany sports politicians have now decided to drive the nation into this Olympic bid for 2024, no matter how desperate she is. This helps their former leader, the IOC Chief Thomas Bach, who strongly depends on whether the image problems of his organization Olympic discussion in democratic countries. And it helps them because they expect of an Olympic bid new impetus and financial opportunities for the necessary structural reform of competitive sports. And so they tell, seconded by Bach, been around for a while, that the duplication is not a problem. At the press conference in Dresden, but added some intriguing arguments. CEO Michael Vesper surprised with an exclusive version of the IOC rules. The rule 34 States that from one week before to one week after the games no comparable international event can take place. An EM games only in the second half of August typically in June and July, there was plenty of time in between. However: Such dates are not found in the Charter. There is only General of the speech impaired. Experts there is the assessment that it would affect about the usual arrangements with policy and sponsors, but also on the security arrangements or the perception of events in public, if both a summer in a country takes place. In addition, the DOSB bosses talked even the importance of a football-EM down. An EM is only a continental event, and anything other than a World Championship, for the IOC said Vesper. A World Cup sure would not be possible in the summer, but a Continental Championships in a single sport, that is feasible. And DOSB President H̦rmann attested with the thesis: we could with the incumbent IOC members a survey make where 2016 and 2020 the football European Championships take place. We would probably come to an impressive result that shows us, that is the perception in a very low range. This is also a fairly exclusive point of view. Because future 24 teams take part in the European Championship, the scope is almost as big as a World Cup with 32 teams, it dropped only six games. . Main data may be found reading the following http://autopomoc.biz.