The U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew rejected Monday the false choice that the United States would have to be made between fighting climate change and economic growth. Some see the fight against climate change as a choice between investing in the future and to grow our economy in the medium term, but it is a false choice, said Mr. Lew in a speech on the eve of a Summit on climate change at the United Nations. According to the leader, of wise investments to counter global warming thus allow the United States to create tens of thousands of jobs and position itself as a leader in the technologies of the future. Address of climato-skeptics in the country, Mr. Lew has especially highlighted the cost of inaction for the United States, including infrastructure (airports, roads, power plants electrical,.) are not designed to cope with the current extreme weather conditions. Citing recent natural disasters in the United States (hurricane Sandy and Katrina, drought in California,.) and the impact of climate on health or agriculture, the Treasury Secretary recalled that their cost was ultimately paid by the taxpayer and taxed public finances. If the budgetary burden continues to grow, this will create budgetary pressures that lead to difficult choices, larger deficits and higher taxes, warned Mr. Lew, calling the United States to change the way they produce energy by developing renewable energy. Despite this argument, the United States refused to sign an appeal signed by more than 70 countries and published Monday calling to set a price on carbon pollution. . Additional information can be inspected clicking reference.

We will do everything to change Italy. San Francisco is for many of you and we are the capital of the future. The risk of Italy is extraordinarily beautiful city but the city in the past. The challenge is to transform ourselves jealous of the past and lovers of the future. These are the words of Matteo Renzi, in front of the people of start-ups, during his visit in California’s Silicon Valley. For our part, says premier-we will do everything to change the Italy: to make it a simpler country, with a different labour market, with a political class that is lost and ashamed. -To those who call it ‘ brain drain ‘ say: there I usually talk to ask to return to Italy, but to go forward to try and change the world said Renzi during the Los Angeles speech on researchers and entrepreneurs of technological innovation, we have a major project to change, I am not saying that there is, but I ask you if you want to lend a hand. . For more information regarding this topic check homepage.

The washing machine is the most dangerous appliance in the House in terms of water damage. The allocation hose bursts thousand litres of water in the apartment are pumped at worst. Non-adherence to the budget rule ‘Lasse the laundry never unattended’ was a Wohnungseigentümerin about his downfall: your real estate was completely flooded, in their absence the hose split by a running washing machine. She asked the homeowners insurance to help, but they refused the payment. The District Court of Osnabrück (REF. 9 O 762/10) decided: the victim violated their duty of care and must cause the damage that’s why even pay. In addition, she had to accept a reduction of insurance benefits by 70 percent. If paying tenants for water, they are also entitled – even if the owner of a property dispute with the water supplier. In this case a family was always the operating costs with four children pay the landlord, but this kept the money for themselves, rather than to forward it to the water supplier. As a result, it wanted to shut the water supply – wrongly as the Administrative Court of Frankfurt/Oder (REF. 5 L 264/09). It was a serious interference with the physical integrity, when the family will no longer supplied with water for drinking and life. . Related information can be found clicking weblink.

The Syrian rebellion fighting the regime in Damascus and the jihadists of the Islamic State will develop a new military command to more efficiently manage the aid promised by Washington, announced the opposition in exile. The higher military Council (CMS) of the free Syrian army (ASL), which represents the rebellion known as moderate in Syria, was dissolved and will be restructured within a month, said a statement. The Syrian revolution through a decisive phase which requires (,.) the reorganization of its institutions (,.) and the improvement of organizational and combative abilities, said the Coalition. A spokesman for the opposition said that the head of the Coalition, Hadi al-Bahra, took this decision because the CMS in its current structure was more representative of the majority of the forces on the ground. ASL staff, which oversees the CMS welcomed this decision. The ASL is one year exceeded the field, influence and weapons by the jihadists of the EIS that sows terror in Iraq and Syria where it controls large territories, but by the army of the regime which took the insurgents several strongholds under their control since end of 2011. Face the danger of the EIS, the U.S. Congress adopted on 18 September a plan providing for the equipment and training of moderate Syrian rebels so that they can be able to lead the ground offensive against the EIS in Syria. This rebellion has tens of thousands of fighters, including particular groups to secular trend. Core of the rebellion fighting for the fall of the regime of Bashar Assad has, the ASL was formed deserters joined by civilians who took up arms after the brutal repression in March 2011 by Damascus of a protest movement demanding reforms. But this coalition gradually seen its fighters join the ranks of the Islamists and jihadists largely from abroad and who are better financed and armed. Activists and moderate rebels have constantly denounced the inaction of the international community to the war machine of the regime, Western chancelleries, Washington in mind, having expressed repeatedly their reluctance to arm the insurgents out of fear of the arsenal falling into the hands of jihadis. But the conflict in Syria has changed with the rise of the EIS that threatens the integrity of Iraq, from Syria, but also the security of the countries in the region, pushing the Obama administration to revise its policy. . Main facts could be found reading the following article.

The main character is her husband, but unrecognized by the ste. It is m s, in a fundamentally cruel game, man, before pianist and now an individual without employment and desperate, ask reci arrival n that it interpreted the role of his missing wife. The goal is to make with their heritage. S as if shows that she is alive n may have access to money. And ACE, sta be required to do same s pretending to be another. If you read it twice is understood. All this to discover the true nature of which before was his lover, his family, his people and, in passing, of the own n of the human condition; of the human being with a soul. At his side, m s soulless beings, the official section we regal deb as director of Shim Sung-bo, which is none other that the compa ero fechor ACE of the Korean also Bong Joon-ho. Together drafted the gui ‘Memories of murder’ n and together have written ‘Haemu’, the pel cula reci presented n. . Root source can be studied clicking the following homepage.

This is a lesson for the peoples of Europe and for that matter, who aspire to the emancipation. Where the attacks and armed struggle in a democratic society have failed totally in their objectives, the citizen referendum sparked to social and democratic consciousness an entire people, it is pronounced for the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to independence. Conversely, when it is prepared and assumed collectively by the nation State and territory who wants to free himself, the taken risk benefits everyone. Thus the separation between the Czech Republic and Slovakia, desired by the latter yet poorest, which did not interfere with the integration of the two nations to the European Union. The possible exit of Europe, with the referendum wanted by the Conservatives and UKIP, was considered an immediate danger by a party of Scots widely more European than their English compatriots. Immigrants, who have the right to vote contrary to the France, were not mistaken. They voted en masse for the ‘yes ‘. The fight against the democratic deficit in Europe and sovereignism of extreme right, past – and this is the paradox of the situation in Europe – by the case of the democratic peoples sovereignism. As the European institutional mechanic is down since the Treaty of 2005, peoples seek way to regain speech and power to the States and lobbies that impede them. Good news. . You must check this blog to discover extra about this great subject.

Great news for Starbucks. The famous café chain soon will also serve beer. Or rather, a surrogate. In addition to the espresso cappuccino, to dessert and pastry products that have become known worldwide, customers of the premises of the American chain, which has always been a meeting place for young and old, will be able to quickly order and enjoy the new Dark Barrel milk: whipped cream, caramel sauce and flavored coffee syrup meant to have a flavour like that of Irish beers, and in particular of Guinness. It will therefore not a real beer, but the taste will be. This is the description that gives Starbucks: "inspired by the best traditions of craft beers, Dark Milk Barrel meets the taste of toasted malt taste chocolatey drizzled with dark caramel. This sophisticated combination offers a delicious mix to build with every SIP. " According To Musictimes. com Dark Milk Barrel will be sold in Starbucks selected by Columbus, Ohio and Florida. So far, those few who have tasted the drink claim to have had a hard time believing that it is not beer. Others, however, the new product of Starbucks is not liked. "I tried the Dark Barrel milk from Starbucks. Basically it tastes like a beer, but it seems that there is an express "wrote Kayla on Twitter. ‘ "Severely disappointed at Starbucks. The Dark Barrel is horrendous. Please! "writes Kristin Juth instead on microblogging platform. . For more facts on this subject read

Several hundred employees and works the early shift at the Amazon site occurred on Monday in the strike. Also the staff of the late shift to resign from work in some locations until Tuesday. Ver. di want to go to the Christmas season once again on the offensive. In the wage dispute with the Internet mail order Amazon, the Verdi Union wants to extend the strikes. Amazon will have particular difficulties with the management of his business more sites are added, Mechthild Middeke von Verdi said Monday in Bad Hersfeld Hessen: locations in Werne and Koblenz could soon happen. Currently the conditions there. This holiday season we To want get off to a bang.   First 400 employees participated in the largest German site in Bad Hersfeld according to the Verdi until morning in the recusal. Also Leipzig, digging (Bavaria) and Rheinberg (NRW) were affected. With the strike Amazon to be moved to start of collective bargaining, based on the conditions of retail.   . Root source could be read visiting the following weblink.

At the meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes held in Vienna, the Director of the study and lead author, Professor associated Sophia Zoungas, the George Institute for Global Health, University of Sydney, said: the findings highlight the importance of treatment of glucose in blood active and effective for renal protection in patients with type 2 diabetes. The other new finds, the blood pressure of ADVANCE-ON arm, were presented at the Congress of the European Cardiology Society in Barcelona two weeks ago and also were present at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes in Vienna by Professor Chalmers. CONTACT: Contact: Prof John Chalmers, The George Institute forInternational Health, Sydney, Australia – E-mail:chalmers@georgeinstitue. org. AU, mobile: + 61-405-196000 – contact: DraSophia Zoungas, The George Institute for International Health, Sydney, Australia – Email: sophia. zoungas@monash. edu, mobile: + 61-438-557346 – or computer of EASD press: press@easd. org. You must visit the following to learn more about this amazing topic.

Arrested in Naples at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office in Rome Gennaro Dang, said to Todd ‘ Carrion, as part of the investigation of accidents occurred at Tor di Quinto and inside the Stadium on 3 may on the occasion of the Italy Cup final. The digos police of Rome and Naples are giving time, in total, to 5 precautionary measures against many ultras Napoli. In its order issued by the magistrate of the Court of Rome at the request of public prosecutors Eugenio Albamonte and Antonino Di Maio of the Prosecutor’s Office in the capital, are uncontested, in various capacities, competition offences in resistance to public officials, and other cases provided for in special legislation on competitions. In particular-is explained-article 6 bis the law 401/1989-launch of hazardous material and field invasion at sporting events and, only for Genny, article 41 bis law 2/2007 ban on banners and placards inciting violence or bearing insults or threats. The housing rdinanza against Dang and others-please note-refers to criminal conduct, additional to those that lost their lives Ciro Esposito, who have characterized the pre-match Cup final Italy Napoli-Fiorentina of last May 3, both outside the stadium–some episodes of resistance against police officers by a group of about 100 ultras led by Jenny, that within the plant. . Similar info can be read reading