Another video of John Cantlie, British journalist abducted two years ago in Syria along with James Foley. In what is the fifth movie in the series released by the Islamic State propaganda, the reporter, who seems to read a message, talks about the hostage issue and explains how months of negotiations Isis has released 16 hostages from 6 European countries. Different fate for Americans and British, for whom ‘ governments do not deal. " According to the movie the reporter Isis would have started to kidnap hostages in Syria in 2013, then the next year, negotiations have been launched for the releases. "Unless you do something stupid like trying to escape, are treated well. The prisoners who tried to escape were subjected to waterboarding as Muslim prisoners in American jails. " Cantlie, wearing the Orange overalls of detainees to Guantanamo, then speaks of the conditions of imprisonment: "it is not so bad," he says. And then: ‘ we live in relative harmony, we can read books, do some games to pass the time. " . Inspirational data can be found clicking the following

The Italian and international community reacted with anger and indignation after learning of the hanging of Reyhaneh Jabbari. From Italy the Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini expressed "deep pain," saying he was victim Reyhaneh twice: "before her rapist to a system that has not heard many appeals". The holder of the Foreign Ministry reiterated that "the defence of human rights and the abolition of the death penalty are key battles that will not come to Italy to pursue in all locations". Even the premier Matteo Renzi joined in the battle against the death penalty and asked the audience of Leopolda a minute’s silence to remember the young.  The speaker of the House Laura Boldrini have expressed "pain and bewilderment" for the decision of the Iranian judicial authorities who "regard sexual violence as a crime which is not rightfully defend with every possible means." Boldrini also said the situation in which the Iranian, since the affair of the condemnation "reminds us in the most dramatic way that for women equality before the law continues to be far away, and that respect for human rights, women and men, must remain the central value in international relations". Even the President of the Association against the death penalty, hands off Cain Sergio D’elia urges the international community in the responsibility for the decision to execute Reyhaneh: "it is yet another example of a ruthless regime that presumes we can implement rules, codes and religious precepts to concurrent offences.  For economic and political interests you can’t give credit to Iran without a minimum common ground on human rights. It’s an illusion that we can treat for peace in that region of the world without asking for the respect of fundamental rights. There are Muslim-majority countries that have abolished the death penalty: it is obvious that Iran makes a political use ". Also the spokesperson of Iran Human Rights Mahmoud Amiry Moghaddam said Rohani’s regime continues to "promote the culture of violence" Recalling that in Iran are "thousands those who are close to be hanged". And despite the President’s reformist face, "since it was elected in June 2013 was the average of the highest executions of the last 20 years". The issue of human rights should therefore concludes, be placed on the table of every international negotiation with Tehran. . Root data can be studied visiting this info.

More than 19%.  Twenty-five of 130 banks in the euro zone would have failed resistance tests carried out by the European Central Bank (ECB), which must make it public tomorrow Sunday the official results, said Saturday the Daily Telegraph quoting internal documents 19.23% exactly, is the most important result since the introduction of these life-size evaluations.   The ECB and the European banking authority (EBA) must publish the results of stress tests Sunday at 11 pm GMT (noon in France). Until then, said the ECB, all published information is that "speculation". The institution stands by what she had said Wednesday in a statement: ‘ the results will be final only when they will be treated as such by the Board of Governors of the European Central Bank Sunday 26 October’. ECB and ABE evaluate the responsiveness of European banks face disaster scenarios including a real estate crash, a new recession and an outbreak of borrowing costs. The question is to know if banking institutions have enough capital to cope, and if the right decisions are taken. According to the British newspaper, a bank in five did not the capital needed to hold the bar during the storm. Log does not know the name of banks in quasi virtual bankruptcy if the scenario became reality.  But according to him, it would be etablissementst Irish, Italian, Greek and Austrian. Ten of these twenty-five institutions might even be asked to recapitalise, i.e. to strengthen their own funds. By this ‘asset quality review’ (RDI), which x-ray assets and loans held by 130 banks in the eurozone (more the Lithuania), unprecedented scale, the ECB hopes to prove the strength of European banks and, therefore, to restore the confidence of investors. Two stress tests had already been made by the only ABE. The last, in 2011, had been deemed too soft for the lessons. Eight banks on 91 had failed, none in France. Similar info can be inspected clicking

This next morning ends DST, so clocks must be delayed an hour, so at 3. 00 am will be the 2. 00. this measure is produced in compliance with the directive community that governs the time change and affecting all countries members of the European Union, recalled the Ministry of industry according to this directive, the last weekend of October to start winter time, delay time, with what night falls earlier, while on the last Sunday in March is starts the summerin which time is ahead and are accomplished evening long. The change of time began to generalize, although of unevenly, from 1974, when the first oil crisis occurred and some countries decided to advance their clocks in order to take better advantage of the sunlight and thus consume less electricity in lighting. Applies as directors since 1981 and has been successively renewed every four years. Since the adoption of the ninth directive by the European Parliament and Council of the Union, in January 2001, this change is applied indefinitely. The indefinite application of the time change was adopted by understood that "the proper functioning of certain sectors, not only the of transport and communications, but also other branches of industry, requires stable programming long term". The ninth directive dates from the period of summer time (in which watches are ahead one hour) and completion (when it is delayed), the last Sunday in March and the last Sunday in October, respectively. The adoption of the ninth directive is supported by the findings of a study on the scope and effects, commissioned by the European Commission and submitted to the Parliament in 1999. This study concludes that it has positive impacts not only save energy, but other sectors such as transport, communications, road safety, working conditions and lifestyles, health, tourism or leisure. SAVING of 300 Millonessegun the Institute for the diversification and saving of energy (IDAE), a body attached to the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism, the potential savings in lighting in Spain, by the change of time, could represent 5% of the consumption electrical lighting, equivalent to about 300 million euros. To achieve this potential savings, however, "responsible behavior" in the home at the time dispense with artificial lighting, when it is not needed should carry out, as well as the use of saving on lighting technologies by taking advantage of the natural light in the tertiary buildings and industries, said industry. These widely experienced technologies consist of photocells or light sensors that turn off or regulating the artificial lighting according to natural light brought to the area, through windows or skylights. Aside from the change of time, the Ministry of industry and the IDAE recommended citizens contribute to energy savings throughout the year making a smart use of consumer equipment. . Related text can be found visiting

BRUSSELS-’ structural reforms and public finances in order are key conditions for investment. The conclusions dealt with yesterday’s Summit reflects the delicate balance that the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, had come to try to reconcile the opposite of austerity with that of flexibility. An agreement between Italy and the Commission on the law of Stability perhaps more near a correction of the deficit of 0.3% which equates to an additional 3.2 billion effort (gi in the maneuver). The President Jos Manuel Barroso has softened the tone, focusing especially on flexibility: There that the Commission must now verify if the budget is completely fine, but if there a particularly significant deviation. The decision whether to ask or not to rewrite the law of Stability will be made official Wednesday. But, at a time when Italy and France agreed to violate the rules of the Pact among European leaders reopened the old fractures that have marked the most acute phase of the crisis in the eurozone. There was a discussion of tough economic policy and on, admitted the President-in-Office, Matteo Renzi. Which, in the late evening, grossed the news that the agency Fitch confirmed the BBB + rating for Italy with outlook stable. Growth prospects are weak they did know from New York recognizing, however, that the Government of premier Renzi is making progress with reforms that could have a positive impact on growth. Meanwhile, around the table of Heads of State and Government have opposed two sides reformed. On the one hand, Germany led the Group of countries that calls for strict respect of the rules. On the other hand, Italy and France have used political and economic arguments to try to overcome the logic of zero comma on national budgets. In closed-door debate, Merkel reminded Radhi that the Stability Pact was recently reformed, giving more powers to the Commission in accordance with the Federal Chancellor, the EU problem that does not respect what he promised to do. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, drew two disaster scenarios: the quick death for loss of market confidence due to the explosion of debt, or the slow death due to the end of the Stability Pact that would lead to the end of the euro. Even in the Socialist camp raised voices, like that of Danish Helle Thorning-Schmidt, to ask them to respect the will of the Commission. The KNOT MERCATI the President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, has tried to bring order, warning that the credibilit at risk because the commitments made on consolidation and reform too often are not followed by deeds. The serious economic situation in 2011-2012 State prevented the collapse of the eurozone thanks to a collective effort, which must be repeated in order to avoid running towards recession. The countries without budgetary margin must continue the path of consolidation, those with fiscal space should use it for investment. Don’t ask yourself what you can do about the ECB, but what can you do for the eurozone, "said Draghi. Radhakrishnan said that reforms should be made because they are right, not because he asks Brussels. . You should visit the following to read extra on this great topic.

Olivia goes back to the past, or during the n of the birthday celebration you your today’s husband, Juli n Porras. I was wearing time wrote ndome with Patricia Donoso by Facebook, but not ramos friends or much less. The knew the feast of Juli n and all you cont which was very overwhelmed looking for an m doctor I could rebuild my breasts but to not let me scars, since the first intervention n I hab to resulted in many problems. She was offered to introduce me to the doctor Manuel Tafalla and is volcano in my problem. So much so, at any moment I thought that as an hac (refers to both) because wants an help me and not to take advantage of my image ensures. As public LOC in the n last number, is there to reached an agreement not to pay the costs in Exchange for advertising. She me dec to the doctor it har to because I do not deserve to suffer so much, because I’m a good person. We never talk about a cost. Once operated, demanded me that you have that go to the presentation of a new product. Me negu because not as knew and does not me parec to suitable for my image. To change them sent a plan strategic magic to help you open doors in Marbella, where l wants to open its cl nica. I offered no alternative and closed band. In the absence of an agreement, they sent Olivia invoice amounting to 10. 000 euros in costs of the intervention n. STA has not been paid yet to. I want it to pay but at a fair price. These are not the rates to keep when I oper m. I have all the mails, in which I say that I want to work with l, but not in the campaign to spec fica that they I propose an. I’m overconfident, I believe in the goodness of people. Now I feel like an idiot. They have achieved what they wants an: leverage the impact n tica medi of my wedding to do advertising. . Original data could be read visiting this

Actually it should go at the EU Summit in Brussels on Friday to growth and investment – topics that are avowedly dear to the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi. But to something completely different at the outset, and as often enough in the past few months this was on Renzi, who currently – styled himself as boss of the Italian EU Presidency – although as avant-garde of a new EU, according to the judgment of the most Brussels diplomats to Europe but not the slightest interest has. Rarely even seen so angry the outgoing EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso as at the Summit beginning on Thursday afternoon. The reason was Renzis decision, Pier Carlo Padoan publish a dunning notice declared as "strictly confidential" by Monetary Affairs Jyrki Katainen of the Italian Minister of finance. He was "surprised", said Barroso – and remained so still very diplomatically. Barroso’s anger is understandable, because the publication is not just against the diplomatic comment, but is also content explosiveness. In the letter, Katainen indicates that the Italian budget draft submitted a week ago in Brussels for 2015 in its present form violates the requirements of the EU stability and Growth Pact. Katainens note that it was a "significant departure" from the guidelines, is also in Rome: if it remains here, so no more pieces to Italy, the Commission must reject the draft budget next week. However, Renzi wants to drive the conflict at the top. The publication of the letter follows a simple internal logic: the Prime Minister public going, how "stupid" the Pact and the narrow-minded Brussels bureaucrats are silly. This plays well at home. He could not understand Barroso’s "surprise" of the publication said Renzi in Brussels. Finally have international and Italian media the letter already "anticipated". And at all: it is now the time to ensure "total transparency" in Europe. He will make sure that every Italian citizen get "complete clarity" about what come from Brussels. And Barroso was already only a week in Office. His successor, Jean-Claude Juncker knows how important is transparency. He, Renzi, will post all expenditure of the EU institutions. "There, we will have fun." He left open what spending he specifically said. . For extra information regarding this matter read site.

ROME-on the eve of the great manifestation of Cgil in Rome, the Secretary General of the Fiom, Maurizio Landini, host, tv Republic is optimistic about accession by the signals that we have, it will be a great event. Local representatives are looking for coaches outside of Italy to allow everyone to reach the capital. It means that the participation will be very high. It is an important signal because it means that is taken among the people the need to make clear that to work and the economy there is more consensus with government policies. Beyond the proclamations that we are on tv, the problems remain, the crisis also, and tomorrow there will be a large number of workers, but also casual and unemployed, why not even liked the contrast between those rights and who doesn’t, said Secretary of Fiom, which stressed that now the feeling of distrust of the Executive prevailed on the hope that things change. Art. 18. Several requests for clarification on article 18. Why do I have to cancel a law, rather than extending it to all in Exchange for rights that should be recognized?, responded to a reader that Landini wondered if it would be willing to abandon the art. 18 in Exchange for the Elimination of forms of precarious contracts. A person should be free to come into work. Isn’t that the art. 18 avoid termination. If a company is in crisis, fires. L’art. 18 is intended to avoid the individual dismissal, he explained. Vat. With the collaborations, the feints and tax exempt forms of this type it is avoided to do open-ended contracts. We propose to reduce all these forms to one only, but it has the same rights, explained Secretary of Fiom the problem of many contractual forms that allow you to avoid making indederminato contracts. Mobilization just beginning. The plan tomorrow is only the first stage of a wider mobilisation. The Cgil has already said that tomorrow’s rally is only the beginning, the general strike will decide in the coming days, said Landini. But the initiatives will be made together with other unions? The blue suits Secretary notes that Cisl and Uil are mistaken, self-deluding than being recognized by the Government is sufficient to solve the problems. But, however, pointed out our initiatives are always open to everyone. Engagement in politics. I don’t understand this whole push to send me away from the Union. We represent people who work independently, regardless of who is in Government. When there is democracy in the factory, things go well on the place of work and at home. The problems are not solved because there is a leader: there is a need to reconstruct the channels of participation. I want to be a Secretary of the Union, but if you decide to do something else, I wouldn’t want to stay in opposition. I want to represent and defend the rights and the collective interests, clarified Landini who asked why not decide to do politics. The relationship with Radio and. , Certainly did well because the need to change the relationship with Europe is there. But, at the same time I do not think he is doing a lot to open a battle against Europe to stop austerity policies. Renzi says many things, but then it does. Landini disagrees with the criticism to the premier for having made public the letter of EU, but considers that the Government has no real intention to oppose European constraints too tight ,. it. and with Camusso. I never said that the problem is we as Susanna Camusso syndicate grasp the fact that we are in a crisis situation and we must become more democratic. Nothing personal with Camusso. The leader of the Fiom, in relation to events within the Cgil, clarifies the nature of the disputes with the Cgil leader. . You should visit the following to discover more on this great topic.

The Malian Government has assured Friday that the country was well prepared to identify the first case of Ebola confirmed on its soil, in Kayes (West), fail to address the concerns of the population of the sixth African State hit by the epidemic in West Africa. At the same time, Ivory Coast, bordering two of the primarily affected countries, Guinea and Sierra Leone, but managed so far to avoid contamination, a potentially contaminated Guinean caregiver who would have entered illegally into the country was actively sought. Two other countries in West Africa, Senegal and Nigeria are to be declared free of Ebola by the world Organization of the health (MOH), respectively on 17 and 20 October, after the introduction of the virus by a Guinea patient for the first and a Liberian for the second. These new alerts have been launched Thursday shortly after a meeting of the who experts urging the three countries with intense transmission (Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea) to redouble efforts to reduce the export of case of Ebola, by strict controls at their airport, ports and major land crossings. Screening at the outset should consist, at least, in a questionnaire, an outlet temperature and fever, an assessment of the risk that it is due to the Ebola virus, according to the who. The Malian Ministry of Health announced Thursday evening that a suspected Ebola case admitted the day before at a public hospital in Kayes (about 600 km to the West of Bamako) had tested positive for the virus. This is a two year old girl who recently traveled in Kissidougou, in the South of neighbouring Guinea. -Successful simulation exercise – his condition improves with early support, said Health Minister Ousmane Kaur in a television interview aired Friday morning. Ebola is not fatal in all cases and mainly when support is early, which was the case for this girl, said the Minister, who invited the population to keep calm, do not succumb to panic, be serene, be vigilant, observe hygiene measures. According to him, the first contacts of the patient have been identified and were followed, but he gave no figures and gave no details on his nationality and his career. The who in Geneva said that 43 people in total, including 10 health workers, were under surveillance in Mali following this first case. Friday, the girl was in a satisfactory condition. Fever has faded and the bleeding stopped, it was said in Bamako from source close to the dossier. From same source, she was born of a Malian mother and a Guinean, recently deceased father in Guinea. She left Guinea on 19 October for Mali and went by car to Kayes passing through Bamako. Prior to joining Kayes, the little girl and one of his relatives spent a few days in Bamako, in a working-class neighborhood, told AFP a source at the Ministry of health, specifying that this track was also followed. The Minister assured that Mali was prepared, indicating a recent simulation exercise within a hospital in the capital, Bamako, with the assistance of experts from the US Federal Centers for control and prevention of diseases (CDC) and who. WHO announced Friday the sending of at least four additional specialists in Mali to strengthen its team of three people already on the spot to assist health authorities. Bamako, some residents were however little reassured, even though no panic was palpable, according to an AFP correspondent, who saw people refuse to shake hands. Others were quietly using liquid hand sanitizers. ADA Coulibaly, fruit seller, said be afraid but to rely on God. My clients are diverse. Only God can us help, ” said. I am very worried because the disease has no vaccine or therapy. Until then, I trust the health authorities, provided that they maintain this rate to limit the number of cases to the only girl hospitalized in Kayes, a for his part stated Mohamed Traoré, 40 years, living in a popular district. . For additional insights about this topic check website.

Rome, Oct. 21 (Reuters Health)-ten minutes to find out if a food contains pork or alcohol and if, therefore, it is suitable for consumption by those who follow the rules of Islam. A franco-Algerian society, in fact, has developed a simple examination do-it-yourself, the HalalTest, created by a simple chemical stick-akin to those of pregnancy tests-which made contact with warm water and a small sample of the dish by analyzed reveals the presence of ingredients prohibited by the Muslim religion. The company that produces the test, the Biotech Capital, was created by two young Wikipedia Abderrahmane Chaoui and Jean-François Julien-I decided to respond to the questions of a particular segment of consumers after the food scandals over the quality and provenance of some frozen and preserved food. A project born pretty much on the shelves of the University. The test, evaluated product makers, has a broad market in France, no longer niche, with about 6 million people of the Muslim faith, although not all consume Halal foods. The cost which will arrive on the market is about 7 euros. The company, however, does not stop here. It is already studying a test that, through the oxygenation of the blood, to indicate, for the meat, if the animal was slaughtered according to Islamic rite. . You must click this to learn more on this interesting matter.