Richard C. Schneider: an Israeli soldier has expressed in local media – and said: Hamas could fight now as well as the Shiite Hezbollah militia in the Lebanon. The Israeli army is therefore actually surprised how well the Hamas fighters are trained and prepared. Since 2006, Richard C. Schneider leads the ARD Studio in Tel Aviv. He reported from there for news, topics of the day and night magazine from Israel and the Palestinian territories. On news. de he reported regularly in his videoblog between Mediterranean and Jordan from the region. Schneider: I doubt it. He has lost much influence here in the region, after his nine-month negotiations had failed miserably. Watching Kerry’s and the United States as a whole has suffered so even further. However, not only the Arabs are massively disappointed by US President Barack Obama.   Also Israel holds none of the Obama administration and the President regarded almost as an opponent and not as a friend. Schneider: If someone can do something, then Egypt – in spite of everything. Because the country has an its own border with the Gaza Strip in addition to Israel and may so affect the Palestinians. But the problem is: the Egyptian military Government hates the Muslim Brotherhood and also Hamas, whose Palestinian branch. Egypt wants to destroy everything that is Islamist. Basically it would be Sisi right, if Israel would wipe out Hamas. . Related info can be inspected checking

The sale will begin early August in Europe and early September in the Middle East. In France, it will be August 25 to find the product in Louboutin boutiques and the Printemps on boulevard Haussmann. 30 other colors will be sold beginning on 1 September in the two shops Louboutin Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Jean Jacques Rousseau in Paris as well as Printemps Haussmann. The opening of a store dedicated exclusively to the cosmetic is also planned at the end of the year in the Gallery Vero-Dodat to Paris, near the historic shoe shop. Louboutin and Red varnish have a 20 year old relationship. It is to him that the Shoemaker owes its international fame. In 1992, while he is holding a shoe from the serie "Thoughts" (autumn / winter 1993-94) he just draw, Christian Louboutin seems not satisfied with the result. "When the first shoe came out, a model in crepe pink, I found that it could not be closer to the drawing. However, something went wrong. It took me some time to understand: this is because the sole was black. "I ripped from the hands of Sarah, my assistant at the time, her Nail Polish, and coloured the Red outsole: thanks to the color, which has served as a developer, the drawing is completely reappeared", he explains in an interview with le Monde in 2011. The varnish was a no-brainer for the creator, when launching its line of cosmetics. Other products will then complete the range. Since its inception in 1991, the Louboutin offer is extended. In addition to the shoes and now cosmetics, the brand offers leather goods. For the moment these are shoes, produced in nearly one million pairs per year, which remain the engine of the group. Shoes for women represent 75% of the revenues of the brand, the men shoes weigh 18% and 7% leather. Louboutin did not wish to speak on the prospects for sales of its line of cosmetics but are estimated by analysts at $ 3 million revenue that can be derived from the sale in the first marketing year. The image of prestige enjoyed by the group across the Atlantic, thanks in particular to the presence of the Louboutin at the foot of the biggest international stars, are the biggest United States market brand (43% of turnover). Europe and the Middle East are (41%). The margin for manoeuvre is still great in Asia where the Group realizes that 16% of its revenues. Reminder, Louboutin has own 55 stores worldwide as well as 150 points of sale in 42 countries. The Group continues to expand and plans to open 15 additional stores in the next 12 months in Europe, the United States and Asia. . Related text can be read visiting

That happened in the African sky between Wednesday and Thursday? Air Algeria announced Thursday in the morning have lost contact with one of its devices, that provided the link between Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) and Algiers, and would have gone north of Mali about 50 minutes after takeoff from the capital. McDouglas MD83 was carrying some 110 passengers and 6 crew members. 14:16 and more open to the DRAC crisis cell (see box below), two cells have been opened in airports of Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle in Paris and in Marseille Provence. Burkina Faso transport minister says AirAlgerie (airline) flight had asked to change route at 0138 GMT because of a storm #AH5017 – ReutersAerospaceNews (@ReutersAero) 24 July 2014 the appliance in question was chartered by the company charter Spanish airline, founded in 1986 and which currently has 400 employees, and a fleet of about 300 planes. «Swiftair announces that his company MD83 aircraft operated by Air Algeria took off at 01:17 (local time) of Burkina Faso destined for Algiers with as estimated time of arrival 5:10 (local time) and was unable to destination.» Related data can be inspected reading

Also two IT employees from Jena have traveled. They, the parents watch with sad faces, as her youngest son runs to the dock, tied up with handcuffs, packed and left of uniformed officers on the upper arm. Josef S. facing charges in a criminal trial, is regarded by many as a Kafkaesque. On Tuesday the judicial farce ends with one, if still not final guilty verdict. In Jena, the 23 year old Josef lives S. with the parents. In early June he had to drag boxes to ship the furniture in the new House of the family. But he tweaks and is rather in prison in Vienna, jokes mother Sabine. She helps deal with bitter humor to cope for her incredible: your son got on January 23 in Jena on a bus to Vienna, to take part in an anti-fascist demonstration. Rather than to prepare at home on his examination he was end of July still in pre-trial detention. The charges: intentional aggravated assault, breach of the peace as the ringleader, tried heavy property damage. To prison are in Austria up to five years. Sabine S. describes her son as intermediary, good-natured people. It would be the first time that parents are deceived in their children. It would but also not the first time that the criminal justice system has the wrong man. In the case of Josef S. are two factors that had some observers worry about the latter: on the one hand, the weak evidence of the prosecution, on the other hand, the fact that this is a political process Рa criminal case that is aimed not only against Josef S., but also against a whole scene, again driving it on the street, if the right environment to spread in Vienna. On the first day of the process in early June, the Prosecutor staged his opening plea as drama. He described S. Josef as commander a militarily tightly organised, by cohort same formations, which had provided for States that we know only from war-torn areas, on the evening of 24 January in the sleepy streets of central Vienna. They had tried with perfidious tricks to deceive the police: as a result, they were wearing several layers of clothes. Not because it was a cold winter night and hours waiting in the police quite expected to be had Рbut alone, therefore, is to quickly put off a piece of clothing, so that it does not identify. Several broken Windows, a demoliertes police car Рas well as everything that was broken that night goes according to charges on the account of material engineering students from Jena. This is no coincidence. In the days before the annual mass demonstration against the Vienna Ball of academics, a tryst of Burschenschaften and other representatives of the European rights in the State rooms of the Hofburg, Vienna had warned Police President of threat from Germany. The old clich̩ of the extreme left-wing violence imports from Germany was summoned again. Therefore, it was only logical to ask a member of the Thuringian Falcons in court. . For more facts about this subject read

The Norway announced Thursday have taken exceptional security measures after receiving reports of a possible imminent terrorist attack on its soil by militants who fought in Syria. The domestic intelligence service (PST) has recently received information according to which a group with ties to extremist Islamists from Syria could have the intent to commit a terrorist act in Norway, said his Chief, Bénédicte Bjoernland, stating that this could be a matter of days. The threat is not specified but deemed credible, said Ms. Bjoernland: neither the possible target, nor the identity of the perpetrators of the attack, nor their location are known, she said. The authorities announced a strengthening of security measures with a police presence in railway stations and airports, the recall of officials from their place of vacation and implementing alert of air assets. In its annual evaluation report submitted at the beginning of the year, the PST had estimated that the level of threats against the Norway was increased due to the conflict in Syria. According to intelligence services, between 40 and 50 individuals with ties to the Norway fought or are fighting in Syria. . Original facts can be studied checking this page.

Two years of uninterrupted trade deficits, with the key a record in the first half: Japan post-Fukushima, who had never experienced such a black series, is unable to restore its external trade the old momentum. Triggered by the earthquake of March 11, 2011 and the Fukushima nuclear accident, this spiral seemed to the economic base, but it displays now a chronic character, complicating the task of the Conservative Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, who launched end of 2012 an ambitious political stimulus known as the abenomics. These last six months, commercial accounts showed a negative balance of 7. 598 billion yen (55.5 billion euros), an increase of 58% over the first half of 2013, a level never reached since the launch of this statistic in this form in 1979. On the month of June alone, the deficit has more than quadrupled over one year, 822 billion yen (6 billion euros), according to statistics from the Ministry of finance. With the exception of North America, the Japan appears as the big loser in trade, especially with China and the EU. Accustomed to regular surpluses, the third world economic power had almost been no false note from 1981 to 2010, despite internal economic fluctuations, with the power of its export industries (electronic, automotive, etc.) and a tendency to control imports. But the situation has changed and we must go back to June 2012 to find a trade surplus, most importantly meagre (56 billion yen). After the earthquake and the tsunami of Tohoku (northeast), and the Atomic disaster that ensued, the archipelago has had to import much more oil to run at full speed its thermal power plants, and offset the total judgment to date of its nuclear reactors. However this factor has been compounded by the policy of Mr. Abe who, eager to defeat persistent deflation, has encouraged the Bank of Japan (BoJ) to ease monetary policy. Consequence, yen has considerably lost its force, beyond expectations (21% against the dollar) and 26% against the euro in 2013, which mechanically bumped the cost of purchases of products invoiced in a foreign currency. This pernicious effect has even played in the first half: If the imports rose by only 3.6% in volume over a year, they took 10% in value. Not surprisingly, the energy bill has once again weighed heavy (+ 11.6% for liquefied natural gas) and + 5.1% for crude oil. -Relocations in question – at the same time, and that is the biggest cause for concern for the Government, the weakness of the yen was not the carrier effect on exports. From January to June, they have shown that a timid increase of 3.2% in value, falling even 0.2% in volume. The causes are deep and the movement could continue. With the rise in the yen of the past decades and increasing competition from their neighbours, Japanese companies have relocated part of their production in other countries in Asia, where they also manufacture for Japanese customers. In addition to a decrease in exports, imports of certain products, such as semiconductors and electronic components, soared so skyrocketed (+ 29.4% over the same period). If a return to the golden age is unlikely, analysts foresee an improvement however. Because the deficit was accentuated in earlier this year by strong growth in domestic demand (and therefore imports), in anticipation of the entry into force 1 April of a VAT at 8% (instead of 5%). And also point to a recent decision by the nuclear regulatory authority, optimistic predictions of a progressive recovery in the coming months of atomic energy, part which might relieve the deficit. . Extended text can be found reading article.

It may boast of having long-standing a singular voice on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, the France penalty today to deliver a vision and a message clear, believe researchers and diplomats. A proponent of the two State solution, relying on good relations with all parties, and even closer to the conflict that it is home to the largest Jewish and Muslim Europe communities: France, on this explosive issue, defends a traditional position, a balanced line, a language of long date. The traditional of the France position is: there will be no peace as long as the security of Israel is not guaranteed and as long as the rights of the Palestinians will not be recognized, yet assured Wednesday before the National Assembly the diplomacy Chief Laurent Fabius, belying any break with the tradition of the French position. But statements deemed very pro-Israel of Socialist president François Holland in the aftermath of the outbreak on 8 July of the offensive on Gaza – the head of State had expressed the French not to mention solidarity the Palestinian casualties, before rectify a few days later-, then the debate on whether to ban or not pro-Palestinian after anti-Semitic incidents demonstrationshave raised questions. His entourage ensures that the multiplication of contacts has yet made things. Were activated channels. Our strength is to have good relations both with the Palestinian Authority with Israel, as well as with other partners such as the Qatar which can impact on Hamas, it is argued from same source. But multiply mediators to the sometimes competing interests – such as the Qatar and the Egypt – causes confusion, replica Yves Aubin of the Akotkar, former french diplomat who had entered at the request of the Quai d’Orsay’s secret contacts with Hamas between 2008 and 2010. It considers today still necessary to have a direct dialogue without concessions with the Islamist movement, considered as a terrorist organization by the European Union. Beyond the conflict existing between Israel and Gaza – the third in seven years-, the Akotkar Mr. regrets a lack of vision, a widespread weakness. The Near East record became secondary, marginal, especially for French diplomacy, since the Arab spring. It is considered as a low-intensity conflict that can be adjusted from time to time, says this specialist. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict unfortunately was not badly neglected in recent years, overshadowed by the Syria which has been a priority of French foreign policy, confirms a diplomatic source. French activism on the issue has never ceased, refutes the cabinet of Laurent Fabius saying that within the EU, Paris clearly assumes the leadership on this issue. It is getting illusion to think that the France and Europe still have an influence on the region, retorts Jean-François Legrain, a researcher in the region. Israel doesn’t want a European presence, Europe serves till the Palestinian Authority while having a total misunderstanding of what is Hamas, since it has no contacts, add it. . For more facts about this matter check source.

It could all be quite harmless, but: Nemo swims in a blender. The environmental protection organization Greenpeace causes a sensation with this 30-second clip on the net. But what is it actually? "Right now the proposal to build the great barrier reef the largest coal mine threatened", says the speaker of the videos. Should an existing mine in the Australian State of Queensland on more will expanded as 28 000 hectares. The mine was then almost the size of the island of Malta. Should the project get green light, the consequences for the world’s largest Coral Sea were dramatic, so Greenpeace. What is only hinted at in the video, could be according to this reality for many animals in the South Pacific: the death. The clip with Nemo is not the first spot with the Greenpeace denounces environmental destruction by viral hit. Recently provided the organization with a playful LEGO video for attention. The scene plays in the Arctic, shows idyllic – and the company Shell oil flow station there as well. At the end, black oil flooded the entire landscape. The finger in the direction of children’s room is intended: because Greenpeace denounces the cooperation of LEGO with the oil company Shell. Via licensing business, LEGO sold toys with the shell, the logo of the oil giant. Shell wanted burnish its image so, environmentalists say. Over five million copies of the spot on YouTube was already seen. A temporary lock due to a lawsuit could not stop the spreading of the spots. Now it’s so Nemo’s twin, to repeat the success of viral. Close. You should check this article to learn extra on this amazing subject.

Among the 47 Member States of the Council, only the United States opposed the Palestinian resolution. The American representative to the Council, Keith Harper, said that we are working intensely to secure an immediate cessation of hostilities, but this resolution will not help us. All European countries present to the Council, including the France, the Germany and the United Kingdom, however abstained. Just like the Japan. A little earlier, the High Commissioner of the United Nations for the rights of man, Navi Pillay, had called for an investigation on possible war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza, and had also denounced the indiscriminate attacks by Hamas against civilian areas. The resolution adopted by the Council after almost seven hours of debate condemned the widespread, systematic and gross violations of the rights of man and fundamental freedoms deriving military operations conducted since June 13, in the occupied Palestinian territories, in particular the last military offensive of Israel in the Gaza Strip (,.) which involved indiscriminate attacks and disproportionate (,.) which can constitute international crimes. She asks to send emergency an independent, international investigation commission to investigate such violations and prompt investigators to compile a list of the violations and crimes committed and to identify those who are responsible to judge them and put an end to impunity. . You must read the following web site to read extra about this interesting matter.

For two weeks, the french media speak more than "import" of the conflict in Gaza and the "contagion" of violence. Beyond the slogans and the invective, we tried to understand what binds so sensitive manner some youth to annealed tensions in the Middle East. British mandate, the Six day war, international law: Mehdi, 17 years old, is a beefy and especially very well-informed boy. And for a little more than an hour, sitting in the living room of his parents, he has rolled out a long lecture on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, focusing systematically on its deep conviction: "why international law applies to everyone, except to Israel? ” Why we send peacekeepers everywhere, but not there? Why his army used white phosphorus, and the destructive weapons in the most densely populated area in the world, without having any say anything? ""When he was younger, I just explained to him that there were villains and Gentiles and that guests had stolen the land of the Palestinians.  "Back home, she scribbled a text she sent to a few friends. Student at Sciences-Po speaks of "certainties coming from shattered" and the "passivity of the media" face "community hatred". She contacted Rue89. Although concentrated, picked up, his testimony is written ‘ hot’ [PDF]. We prefer to find her a week later, in Paris, not far from administration, where she worked for the summer. "I did not at all the impression that the conflict is remote. I live as if I lived in Israel. [. . . ] It is a Jewish State and as Jewish, this concerns me more than the Ukraine. This touches me personally. [. . . ] I need to know what is happening at the minute.  "The young woman, who eat kosher and respects the main Jewish feasts, grew up with the history of this piece of land she visited at age 11. The sixth through 12th grade, she studied at a Jewish school in Paris. It is there that she follows courses on the "creation of the State of Israel". Sessions are taught by a Professor of history who officiates in various establishments. A presentation prepared by Melissa focused on the wars between Israel and Arab countries. In his memory, the synopsis was rather factual"and"little or not oriented. In any case, it does not lead to heated debates,. "It is a country that I like, where I feel good. It is the start-up nation where full of cans amount. And then it’s also nice to have kosher restaurants and that people can come out with a yarmulke without problem.  "I remember that in fifth, I was asked that I could stand. Israel or Palestine. This was not even wicked, I think it was normal.  ""In my view, it makes more sense, when it manifests for the existence of a State, to brandish the flag of our cause, rather than burn another and call for destruction. It’s like football fans: when they encourage their team, it’s with their colors.  "The pro-Israel often accuse people – and especially young people – who appear to know nothing of Palestine. Amouracher of it because it’s a little fashion and make a pretext for other causes – including anti-Semitism. For Avi, this is much less complicated than it: ‘ this is equivalent to take a stand for the stronger, in this case Israel and therefore to endorse its current policy, which is indefensible and disgraceful to all Jews in the world.» But not amalgam: refers to the Government, not the Israelis.  » . Additional text can be found checking