Sony starts on Thursday with a public test phase of its PlayStation games streaming offer now. First, the new service is open to only play station 4-owners from Canada and the United States. During the test they have Internet access to more than 100 PlayStation 3 games from over 50 providers, including Saints Row IV and Metal Gear Solid V: ground zeroes. In the meantime, the provisional price of the service are known. Four hours borrowing costs 2.99 dollars – a price in the order therefore, as video stores for 24 hours game lending demand it. Seven days hit at Sony $ 5.99. For 30 days, $7.99 14.99 dollars are due and payable for 90 days. PlayStation is now completely in the PlayStation Store integrated. The game site polygon said Jack Buser, soon there will be also an initial offer, which allows four hours playing for 1.99 dollars. In addition to a complex pricing, Buser provides also the possibility of a subscription offer in prospect in his blog post: we heard loud and clear your demands for an extension on a subscription option for PS now. We assure you that we are working, he writes. . For more facts on this matter check

Berlin, July 30. (Private TelInto a voltage, which is always another circles of the people empowered and suffer practically also good nerves, you even now awaiting decision, which can be impossible for long. The decision on the mobilization of the German army, and of the entire German army. Because, what may be noted opposite each erroneous message: a partial mobilization in other States for us does not exist. It is excluded by the military political situation, as they have created in the ongoing Russian armour and the already deployed French and our geographic location. The mobilization is still not done until this hour. It will be in serious time in the weal and woe of the Empire might short depend not the Justice of our cause, but the wit and strength of the battalions, but be a strengthening awareness, that the head of the German Reich unturned, took until last to prevent the disaster of a European war, and that they operated in a calm and coolness, which will made them already complaining in the Berlin leaves against the neglect of our military security and a disclosure of the advantage of our quick mobilization. Fails, as unfortunately must be then postponed as long as mobilization of the German army is to be made immediately, and then we will assume is expected, what until now did not happen, the decisive questions in Petersburg and – must – fear, the last attempt for a localization of the Austro Serbian war, also in Paris provided. And if something unexpected happens then not yet at the last moment, the war, this war of monstrous expansion, no less wanted and wants as Germany, and which therefore nobody is so confidently like this. Rumors of the meeting of the Federal Council, called for the convening of the Reichstag in individual leaves. The consent of the Federal Council is required, to the Declaration of war, if this should happen, and if it is not overtaken by attacking our borders, and she will of course be, suppose as soon as it comes to the mobilization. The Reichstag is not involved in a declaration of war. He would need to be convened if the Government some of it to require only: money permits, powers of Attorney and the like, are necessary as at the start of a war. Suppose but after the whole political nature of current Chancellor readily that he convened the Reichstag with the Federal Council, at the same time, or shortly after that. So we think the Government is not necessary, has to play, somehow hide and will they need in one of the most serious moments of our people, to talk with the representatives of the people and laying their cards on the table, not only in the Federal Council, also in the Reichstag, and to show that it has clean hands? In such moments, trust between the Government and representatives of the people is worth as an army so much. And after the few thing we learned about the diplomatic operations in recent times, we expect that the Government submits, by the representatives of the people will get the testimony, that it has been sincerely committed to the extreme, to keep the peace of the Empire and Europe if they last the files this week. And if the representatives of the people can be unanimous on this point, that also has a high value for hard time, which likely to go forward. After hours is the period in which the decision on the mobilization of the German army can fall. Millions eagerly looking forward the next day. . Related info can be read checking

The Berliner Hütte is a model for a campaign that was taken, in order to save at least above the tree line, to save what is 2009 in attack of the Tyrolean country office. Below in the Valley everything is built too long. "We flee upwards, there is less frustration," kalauert Walter Hauser, deputy curator of land in Tyrol. Together with his colleague Michaela Frick he investigated around 300 alpine refuges in North and East Tyrol on the worthiness of their monument.    50 of them were already in the shortlist. So far a final decision of the Vienna Federal Monument Office exists only for a handful of Tyrolean huts, after the end of the campaign to the 30 listed mountain refuges should there in Tyrol. Other regions in the German-speaking Alps are not ready. In Styria, Austria, and South Tyrol there are none so far each two "conservation huts" in Bavaria, however.    Not all worthy monument mountain huts are so chic equipped like the Berlin Lodge. So the old protected since 2011 is Prager Hütte in the Hohe Tauern National Park, completed in 1873, for the type of the simple mountain accommodation from the pioneering days of Alpine tourism – storey with small parlour, kitchen and bed storage under the pitched roof. In the 1923 opened, slightly more generous Falkenhütte in the Karwendel mountains, especially the largely preserved interior with a painted wall frieze in the cozy dining room, which shows scenes of bucolic excited experts.    . For extra facts regarding this matter click

All the plants are in a spot. The limit for the size of a square bed is the own arm as Karn says. That saves space – so, maybe even a corner for the seat remains free on the balcony. You can use the balcony gardener then the longer, because he also not constantly running back and forth must when casting between the individual plant pots. In the different and densely planted beds of mini pests can spread hardly. In a giant bed with salad comes the lettuce aphid, Cockaigne, Karn says. Where only a salad, the maximum can be – eaten and not the whole planting. In addition, the plants protect each other. Carrots – and Zwiebelfliegen about would be attracted by the smell of the respective plant. If I plant these now side by side, the smells are mixed so that both flies are confused and can’t find the plant, explained the horticultural scientist. . You can visit the following reference to read more on this amazing matter.

Heart Attack. He died so the President of the Argentine football association Julio Grandona. The news was disclosed by the media of the South American country. Grondona, 82 years old, at the top of the Argentine Federation (Afa) to 35, had been hospitalized for emergency today in a Buenos Aires hospital for a heart attack. The number one of the Afa would have to participate in the press conference of the day coach Alejandro Sabella who would announce the farewell to the Albiceleste.  Grondona has felt ill at his home in Buenos Aires and was immediately transferred to the hospital’s cardiology department ‘ Sanatorio Mitre is accompanied by one of his sons. In a statement the Afa has made clear at first that Grondona "suffers from a slight indisposition" and hospitalization was necessary to monitor the State of health. Other than the reconstruction of the newspaper La Nacion, who spoke immediately to "heart problem that required an emergency shelter and a observation period of at least 48 hours. The situation, then, is precipitated is Grondona died in the evening. . For extended facts regarding this subject visit

It would have been perfect, if not immediately after you paid the travel agency had received a mail where with an apology was unlikely to be the sudden cancellation of the trip. The resort actually had never been booked and the pretended owner of the Agency had absconded with their money. For this the Carabinieri of Soriano nel Cimino, coordinated by Marshal The black, have complained to the Prosecutor’s Office of Viterbo, m. g., 48 year old Sardinian origin residing in Ronciglione, for the crime of fraud. Investigations by police, taken immediately after receiving a complaint for fraud by two spouses of Soriano nel Cimino, have made it possible to identify the man, posing as a tour operator of a travel agency in Viterbo, had proposed a trip to a resort in Puglia for the sum of EUR 2400. After getting the payment with a transfer to a bank account, the fraudster had sent some messages to the couple of Soriano on unlikely excuses about the sudden cancellation of the trip with the promise that soon would be able to resolve any difficulties. In fact, m. g., from that moment you are untraceable and two unfortunate sorianesi, who could not spend the holidays at the tourist resorts booked, there was no choice but to rely on the police to press charges for fraud. Episodes like these unfortunately if they are many, especially this summer. There are frequent attempts to scam on the part of people who pretend tour operators and by contacting by phone or e-mail their victims offer trips to super affordable prices. To defend against these episodes the Provincial Carabinieri command of Viterbo should protect themselves by implementing small steps: always be wary of buying really cheap and easy pickings: often it’s fraud or stolen goods; do not participate in unauthorized lotteries and miracle products or objects presented as works of art or antiques if you are not sure of their origin; not accept bank cheques in payment by persons unknown; do not sign anything that is not clear and always ask Council to trust people more knowledgeable. A series even more complete with tips to avoid being misled by unscrupulous criminals can be found on the corporate website of the Carabinieri: www. carabinieri. it, in the sez. Advice. Couldn’t wait to leave for the holiday in Puglia. They had shelled out 2. 400 euros but it was worth it for a few days of well deserved relaxation. . Root source may be read checking the following

Is surrounded but did not give up. Carlo Tavecchio continues to receive certificates of not liking but not discouraged: continues his March, which is a hindrance, towards via Allegri. Targeted not only in Italy, the presidential candidate attack even by international institutions: yesterday was the turn of Uefa. Tomorrow, when it will go to the Cones to meet April-that parler too, but at a different time of the day, with Demetrio Albertini-his position will be very weak. The head of Italian sports has no power to ask a candidate to step aside. can only remind him of the difficulties he would have to govern a Federation like the football with a lot of unfriendliness around. A kind of discouragement. Any step back by not open automatically for Tavecchio doors to Albertini that doesn’t have a solid base on which votes to count and to be elected to the 50% of necessiter votes plus one. The opposite of no against Tavecchio President regarding the series not yet huge. In Rome, Juventus and Fiorentina are added only yesterday the Sassuolo and this allows him to keep alive the chance of being elected. Of course, if in the coming days some large (to understand the present position of Inter) were to change his mind, the new security Tavecchio it would impact. The Government did not intervene, no position was taken. The premier Renzi a few days ago spoke of own goal for the banana sentence but added that he does not want to enter into the sphere of the autonomy of the federations. Yesterday, the President of the Council did not want to say anything on the matter. Ask me of fencing-said Renzi after the award ceremony of the world champions of the sport-but I won’t say anything about the Senate and football. I feel represented by what dir Malaguti. Only a voluntary scene (or recommended) to Tavecchio would open a different scenario. We talk about a possible Commissioner of the Figc that would, before going to new elections, to launch a comprehensive reform. To fill the role of Commissioner would be the same April with Giulio Napolitano in the guise of vice. A Commissioner could get even with Tavecchio elected if the Cones were serious dysfunctions in the administration of the Figc. Malaguti, we said. He, the number 1 Italian sport, which has the task of directing a campaign that must deliver the football planet Tavecchio or Albertini at a time very delicate. Football requires a comprehensive reform to share sports plane but also on that organization. In the middle of criticism Tavecchio and disputes. After Fifa, who asked for clarification on his sentence for bananas, yesterday was the Uefa to attack. The European Trade Union Confederation led by Platini recalled that all Member Federations have signed the European Football United resolution Against Racism with which pledged to redouble their efforts to eliminate racism from football. In Nyon have not liked the words of Tavecchio but basically those are, for the purposes of the Figc Presidency, a fact almost secondary. Mind you: no justification, those words are very serious because a leader should not even thinking about it, but no one has to say that is a racist Tavecchio. The main question the inadequacy of the Executive to lead football who needs reforms and a modern vision for its management. Two days ago, Tavecchio, illustrating a point of his program, said he wants to create federal regions centers which allow a 700 thousand kids point to serie a. The wrong message because the end of sport not winning at all costs because, instead, have fun. If this is the future of football ,. Let us not forget that the current vice President, Tavecchio of Figc, Monday has a colloquiato radio with an albeit faux (but didn’t), decommissioned Executive Luciano Moggi. Certainly not the height of common sense for anyone who has the ambition to lead the Federation. . For additional on this subject visit

Invited Europe 1 Wednesday, Claude Goasguen is certain: "Sarkozy is the enemy public number 1. MP UMP in Paris suspected what ‘ article in le Parisien published Tuesday, announcing by mistake a reinvestigation of the former president for irregularities in its accounts of 2007 campaign, could be remote controlled by the Elysee. "What is still amazing, is that information multiply, the investigations also and in reality, one realizes that this is only the agitation against the possible return of Nicolas Sarkozy. It cannot fail to ask questions. Who benefits from this situation?", wondered the elected. And to answer its own question: "it is clear that the Socialist Government is probably not quite absent from this operation. Claude Goasguen adds: "black firms have always existed at the Elysee. It is a good secret French practice but that we know and I still wonder if behind all this turmoil Courtworker and media, there is not a desire to prevent someone who has been president of the Republic to return to political life active." The coaster of le Parisien also calls Bruno on Itele Mayor: "I am deeply shocked by this false information which was Nicolas Sarkozy. Invited South radio, Jacques Myard also said this rate of information: "we live in the era of the media tribunal and it is dangerous for democracy (,.). «Ca whoever it is, it is condemned in advance under the pretext that information be published by media, this is serious ‘, alert the UMP. For him, "there is a democratic problem which goes beyond the case of Nicolas Sarkozy (,.) It is an issue of justice subject to media pressure. . Root facts may be read clicking the following

Milan-the remuneration of the top managers of publicly-traded companies and major industry can get to 84 times the salary of the employees of the company that administers, net of stock options. This happens when the President Associates served as CEO. The average ratio between the CEOs and employees is 48 times, while drops to 21 times in the case of general managers. And the media comes to 36.1. In essence, an employee of a major Italian company should work about 36 years to arrive at the salary that a top manager of the same company receives in a year. The figure emerges from the 2014 Edition of Mediobanca, overseen by R&S Research Department of Piazzetta Cuccia, who each year analyzes budgets of large industrial groups and services in the country. A trend that is taking place for the past few decades, with the range between roles and the base which has been increasingly widening. JOBPRICING: Republic calculator to find out if your salary is giustoE is one of the data highlighted by the report, which is always a picture of what happens in societies with higher capitalisation and turnover of our country. Employment firm. The 2013 was a year of stagnation. The total employment of large groups has grown, but not with any difference that confirms what happened also in previous years. Manufacturing scored an increase compared to 2012 (+4.2), especially for the employees of subsidiaries abroad (+5.8). I am, however, plummeted jobs in services ( -8.2), with a negative peak of 17% abroad (but not +0.3) in Italy. In essence, you are lost jobs in offices (mainly banks), to gain in factories and in societies that can count on a large share of turnover abroad. The Italian State has grossed between 2009 and 2013 dividends for 11.9 billion, of which 5.7 billion by Eni and Enel 3.1. Individuals have grossed just under half, 5.7 billion. Almost all the major average yields during the period, topping Iren (7.8%) and Tern (7 percent) followed by 6.7%, Snam to Eni to 6.6%, Enel and Hera to 6.5%. Among individuals, the holding company of the family Fortress (Tenaris group) received between 2009 and 2013 over one billion euro, approximately 750 million went to Leonardo Del Vecchio, Luxottica, which monitors 650 million to Prada, 564 million at Saline control group Impregilo (thanks to maxi dividend of 2012), 511 million to control Telecom Group, 294 to Berlusconi’s family holding company, 260 million to control group of Parmalat and Diego Della Valle by Tod ‘s, 206 million to Benetton through the holding company Edizione, 192 to Sapa lambs, 154 to Camfin, Pirelli and headed by 152 to a control group of Recordati.     The first five Italian banks have closed the 2013 in red, for the third consecutive year, with losses to 48.1 billion. Among the causes, the fall in revenues ( -15.5% between 2009 and 2013). According to R&S, in the first quarter of 2014 have fallen yet ( -2.4) revenue but net profit grew by 40% and reduced the stock of loans deteriorated and has improved the rate of coverage of bad debts. The portfolio of banks in government securities of peripheral eurozone countries went from 140.8 billion in 2011 to 2013 213.8 billion (+73 billion). Italian bonds have gone from 136.5 to 211.4 billion (+74.9 billion). The portfolio of titles of Pigs is in late 2013 the 176.6% of own means, with a peak of 417.7% to Banca Mps. At the same time derivative instruments have fallen compared to equity from 146.4% of 2011 (maximum of five) to 91.9% in 2013, returning on the years 2009-2010. . For additional facts regarding this subject visit web site.

Also on Wednesday, militants continued their rocket attacks on Israeli towns. The military Chief of Hamas made conditional on a ceasefire in the Gaza conflict by the end of the Israeli military offensive. Mohammed Deif said the blockade of the enclave on the Mediterranean Sea should be lifted, in an audio message published on the Hamas TV channel on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the 23 days-running military operation in the Palestinian territory is Israel’s longest war since 2006. It persists long as the conflicts in the Gaza Strip in years 2009 and 2012. The Israeli radio reported that a Turkish Envoy had come to Israel to engage in a ceasefire. Chile and Peru recalled its Ambassador to Israel for consultations due to the intensification of Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip. Chile watch with great concern the inserts, which currently constituted a collective punishment of the Palestinian population, said on Tuesday (local time) in a communication of the Chilean Foreign Ministry. Since the beginning of the Israeli military offensive on July 8, according to latest data of the Ministry of health in Gaza people died in 1258, injured over 7100. According to the Israeli military, 53 soldiers and 3 civilians died. As the spokesman of the UN relief agency UNRWA, Chris Gunness, said five UN employees, including three teachers working for UNRWA died. So far, more than 200,000 Palestinians in UN schools have sought protection. . For more facts on this topic read web site.