The body without life of two stars of the extreme skiing, Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair, were found Tuesday in the mountainous region of Aysén, in the South of the Chile, announced the local emergency services. Two skiers were missing since Monday after an avalanche. The Swede Andreas Fransson, 31 years, and Canadian JP Auclair, 37 years, climbed Monday one of the highest peaks of Patagonia, Mount San Lorenzo, located at some 2. 200 kilometres of Santiago of Chile, on the border with the Argentina, when occurred by an avalanche for about 700 meters. Skiers, who were on hand to shoot a documentary, allegedly passed an emergency by satellite phone call to be rescued but the geographical features of the site have prevented precisely locate. Their bodies were found at more than 3. 700 meters of altitude, on the Argentine side, in a very difficult area to access. Two Swedes who accompanied them were released unharmed by the avalanche. . Inspirational source may be studied checking the following fact.

This is the week of the skids,. After the announcement, Monday, a larger shortfall than budgeted this year for the social security system and the postponement of a return to the balance at best to 2019, the Executive will present Wednesday the budget of the State for 2015. Michel Sapin, the Minister of finance, has already warned that the deficit of public administrations (State, social security and local authorities) all will be equivalent this year to 4.4% of GDP, after 4.1 percent in 2013. Either a colossal "hole" of more than 90 billion. According its projections, the deficit will remain close to the level in 2015, to 4.3% of GDP, referring to the Greek Calends (to end of 2017) the objective of a return below 3%. Specifically, the portion that will be charged at 5.5% share of revenues between 6011 and 11. 991 euros will disappear. But, so that only the less affluent households benefit from, the threshold in the second instalment, taxed at 14%, will be lowered less than 10. 000 euros. At the same time, the Government will strengthen and revise the discount feature, to avoid a too brutal entry in the tax. Therefore, while less than a focus on two carries the IR this year, the tax will focus a little more on a still smaller number. Finally, Bercy will defend the tax measures for housing already announced. While a large part of the tax measures is already known, it is on the savings that the Government is expected at the turn, including by the European Commission. The 50 billion – compared with the trend increase in spending – planned from 2015 to 2017, 21 billion are scheduled next year. Including more than 7 on the State and its operators (for example, chambers of commerce and industry); 3.7 billion on appropriations to local communities and approximately 10 billion on social security. . For extra facts regarding this topic visit

Finish the pretense, embarrassed smiles and dodges. The Government policy of reducing public deficits is now clearly displayed and assumed. Proof of this is the savings on family policy measures, announced Monday, September 29. And so what if this serious blow of plane is far from unanimous in the majority and in trade unions. To enable France to return to European nails, more question to hide, leaves to go back (a bit more) PS Slingers who are calling for a change of economic policy. Clearly, no one in the Government denies: well, the French will have to tighten their belts. The highest summit of the State, François Holland, gave the new Government doxa. Mastering deficits and the indebtedness of the France, to make savings. This is what we will do in 2015 and this necessarily has consequences, assumes Tuesday the president of the Republic. Invited this morning on France Inter, Ségolène Royal did not say anything else. According to the Minister of ecology, the outcry caused by the ads for savings on the family are the sign of the commitment of the French to family policy.  I welcome the sensitivity to the questioning of a number of measures in family policy, she said. . For additional data about this subject check url.

The American Champion Michael was arrested for driving while intoxicated. The agents have stopped while his car was going at a speed of almost 140 kilometers per hour within a tunnel, where the speed limit was 70 km/h. According to an initial reconstruction of events, the Olympic champion, 18 real legend of American and world swimming, traveling aboard his white Land Rover when it was stopped around 1 am. result immediately to all positive tests conducted by agents, including that which revealed the presence of a double blood that permitted by law. Led to more police station, he was charged with the crime of driving while intoxicated and to excess speed, in addition to having passed the double line on the roadway indicating the ban on overtaking. The champion would then be released after a few hours. had already been arrested in similar circumstances at the age of 19 years, in 2004. After retiring at the end of the sample returned to racing in April this year, and in August won his first gold since he resumed racing in activity. Its aim is to participate in. You must click this to discover extra about this amazing matter.

In Bella Italia, one In love is easy. Not only in the eternal city of Rome and the great beaches – even the Italian singles have it in themselves. more,. They are considered especially passionate and open. 29% of Italians live alone. Tip: visit Verona. Here, already Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet fell madly into each other. Via Capello 23 with the famous balcony today numerous love letters with chewing gum on the wall are glued. Japan is the perfect place for spring fever. In the land of the cherry blossom, there are 31% single households. Granted, the Japanese are known rather than cautious. Delicate developments arise at the hanami flower show but entirely alone. Tip: You can stroll through Tokyo green lungs, the park Shinjuku Gyoen Park. 1300 cherry trees turn the facility from March to April in a sea of pink and white flowers in the Japanese and tourists prefer a picnic in good company. From Sweden, it says A few of the most beautiful people of Europe come. The good news for travelers singles: 47% of the attractive northerners have found so far Not yet the right. Tip: they can definitely be midsummer missed. End of June throughout Sweden is transformed into a Festival under the open sky. Come closer to weave in the wreaths of flowers, dance around the midsummer pole or in the glow of the camp fire. Close. For extended data on this subject read

If in Germany Ministers overthrow, President resign or otherwise, a provocateur moves the country, then you can be sure now, that the satellite about two years later. 1 film comes to the scandal in television. As long as such a production needs, viewers must wait on the fictional reappraisal of past traumas, when optionally still really pulled or a drama is all through the cocoa, that is larger than life. That was when "The Minister" and "Resignation", so it is now. "The Schlikkerfrauen" is the film that next week and takes the SCHLECKER bankrupt by 2012 on the grain. Except that This time the German channel ZDF on the idea has come to hit from the collapse of Germany’s once largest drugstore Empire entertainment capital. Otherwise, it moves second contemporary interpretation with preference in one of his many thrillers. Now it strikes twice and unfolds with the two-parter "everything must go – a family settles" all that, what it also in the UFA-fiction production for sat. 1: the decline of a company, which shatters on the Altersstarrsinn of its founder and blasts the owner family with, the fighting of as fun-loving as enterprising merchants against the inevitable. It’s a story from bottom to top, human warmth against the capitalist cold, tattoo against silk tie here and there. ZDF becomes a drama that wants to contact Oliver Berbens production company in the footsteps of shows like "Borrowing" and "House of Cards". What is high stakes. Satellite. 1 However, the Director is committed to with Uwe Janson, staged already the Minister satire of the transmitter. Here, the bankruptcy is to comedy. It’s A little bit like in school when two on the same topic to To write an essay. That both of SCHLECKER-inspired movies almost at the same time be broadcast, one may interpret as a sign of the industry’s poverty of idea of. Or that the real template was just too good: a giant bust, about 30 000 "SCHLECKER women" took the job. A company that was notorious for its bad working conditions and the monitoring of its employees. At the top of a man who has made it from the butcher apprentice to one of the wealthiest Germans. His two children were once kidnapped and released again, later, as an adult, they tried to To give the company a new face – too late. That’s enough for more than two movies. That is Of course To write in the introduction: the following is fictitious. . You must check the following page to discover extra regarding this interesting topic.

We were purged, this is it. After tomorrow to 42 employees of the Pdl, not reabsorbed in Italy, will Force the layoffs. And one of them wrote a letter to Silvio Berlusconi: President, help us. To contact the leader of FI is Lorraine Vinzi, 52 years, employed in the national leadership of the party. We have received the letter of dismissal in 42 on 120 employees and, as it happens, are those from the National Alliance and the alfaniani, complaint. It was made a choice according to the curriculum and skills but according to political affiliation. It is not acceptable, he says. The Vinzi and 41 others are on a war footing: I wonder-writes in the message-how can the Italians give credit to people who speak of family, labour rights, pensions to housewives, social if you, dear President, is not even going to check the profiles of every employee who has literally done delete from a list as if it were only a freshman. That would have been laid off have learned the 16 June, from newspapers. We soon alarmed and we went to ask for explanations. No one has received. Then after a few hours there came an email that confirmed the bad news. Last Friday the cold shower: from tomorrow you will no longer get into the venue, he was informed. I would say that not only has fired a 52-year-old woman, old age to re-enter the labour market after 30 years of right-wing political references, but I would add that this woman is divorced, with two adult sons and a rent payable. She continues in the letter–which has always boasted that he had never fired anyone, he never sent her in layoffs, he never suffered strikes from his staff. Because now fails to keep the job at a few people for whom the salary is life?. For Vinzi is serious that the Pdl will receive contributions until 2016, while we were thrown into the street. Meanwhile, in Italy, Force the Treasurer only. You should click the following link to read extra about this interesting matter.

With the modus operandi that has earned its name the robbers were introduced at the headquarters of the Bank through the sewer pipes. The robbery occurred around 17 and 30, ticket office opening hours. The criminals have taken the sum of 100,000 euros and have to flee under the gaze of the employees to whom terrified, however, has not been used any violence. Alerted by staff went on the police who proceeded to appropriate surveys supported by the men of the sanitation service of the municipality who have inspected the manholes looking for useful items for investigations. The band is known to investigators for having scored several hits in some lenders Neapolitans. Last April 9 the same headquarters of Monte dei Paschi di Siena Fuorigrotta was looted by a 150,000 euro fine booty. Around the same time, the 16.50 bandits mephit appeared in the Bank jumping out from the floor and after doing the money man in the chest, fled. Two years earlier, the October 9, 2012, the criminal group was ticked off the floor of the branch of Banco di Napoli Pledges of via Toledo taking away the sum of 100,000 euros. During that robbery, some employees of the Bank were locked up in a room, while others would be were taken hostage for a few minutes to allow criminals to operate undisturbed. Subsequent investigations allowed to reconstruct the underground route used by criminals to reach the Bank. Some sections were blocked with excavated material to prevent the police an eventual "pursuit" through the underground passages. . You must click this weblink to learn extra regarding this great matter.

The question is a slap in the face. As actually prevent Günther Oettinger as the next EU Commissioner for Internet economy, that information about him be deleted accidentally, the MEP Martin Sonneborn wants to know. Sonneborn is people’s representatives recently, satirist is the former head of the Titanic some time. Or energy Commissioner Oettinger is political professional and often ironically. He gives love. At its launch as a new Internet Commissioner before MEPs on Monday evening in Brussels shows that he has stoically.   I intend to answer your questions, but Oettinger counters unchanged fixed mine and on German orders to follow, only to a limited extent. I have lost my driver’s license before a quarter of a century, to me. As Sonneborn would remind people to continue his past not get into oblivion already therefore, because it is in the newspaper. Who is in politics, must be measured for life on his successes and failures. Speaks’s and dedicates himself again to his plans for the digital conversion of Europe.    . You can check this article to read more regarding this great topic.

Now, Germany its strengths we have, it is undeniable: world-famous companies, low levels of unemployment and an excellent credit rating, but also stagnant wages, inadequate investment banking collapse, weak productivity gains, a depressing and a population growth of anemic growth. His economic model founded on a policy of beggar-thy-neighbour seeking competitive advantages at the expense of others-in this case a wage compression to support exports-cannot be an example for the rest of the eurozone. The German economy contracted in the second quarter of 2014 and has increased by only 3.6% or the outbreak of global financial crisis in 2008, slightly more than the United Kingdom and France, but less than half of Sweden, Switzerland and the Usa. Since 2000, annual GDP growth was only 1.1%, and the thirteenth place of the eurozone that has 18 members. Regarded as the sick man of Europe Country in 1999 when the euro was launched, instead of pointing to the dynamism, the Germany responded by cutting costs. Investment fell from 22.3% of GDP in 2000 to 17% in 2013. The infrastructure such as highways, bridges and even the Kiel Canal, are deteriorating after years of neglect. Creaking education: the number of new apprentices has reached the levels post-unification, the country has fewer recent graduates (29%) compared to Greece (34%) and its University are barely among the 50 best universities in the world. Shaky for under-investment, the arthritic German economy is trying desperately to adapt. Despite the reform of the labour market of the former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, is more difficult to dismiss an employee hired for an indeterminate period in Germany than in any other OECD Country. The Germany language to 111esimo place for concessions to new tasks according to the global Doing Business rankings from the World Bank. Its main industries are old and entrenched, the country has produced an equivalent of Google or Facebook and the service sector is particularly backward. According to the OECD, for the past seven years the German Government has introduced less stimulus to growth reforms than any other advanced economy. Annual productivity growth over the past 10 years, a mere 0.9%, was slower than even of Portugal. And the cost of stagnation has come to demand payment on the backs of workers. Although their productivity has increased by 17, 8% in the last 15 years, now earning less in real terms than in 1999 when a tripartite agreement among the Government, businesses and trade unions established a salary cap. Entrepreneurs can also rejoice, but cut wages will jeopardize the long-term prospects of the economy by discouraging workers ambition towards higher qualifications and companies from investing in a production of greater value. But with southern Europe depressed and the Chinese economy in deceleration and less investment-oriented, the German export machine has slowed. Its share of global exports has decreased by 9.1% in 2007 to 8 per cent in 2013-reaching the same levels of sick period when the country was facing the reunification. This is because the cars and other exports made in Germany now contain many pieces produced in Central and Eastern Europe, and so the share of German exports touched a level never achieved before in terms of added value. The external surplus is actually a symptom of an ailing economy. Stagnant wages feed companies surpluses while spending decreased, an asphyxial tertiary and start-ups rachitic changes make the investment with the result that the excess saving is often invested overseas. According to the Economic Research Institute Diw Berlin, between 2006 and 2012, the value of German foreign portfolio decreased by 600 billion or 22% of GDP. Worse, rather than being "an anchor of stability" for the eurozone as it saying the Schäuble, Germany is a source of instability. The reluctance of banks to lend excess savings has fueled a bubble asset prices before the financial crisis and has since created a debt deflation. And Germany is not a machine for growth in the eurozone. Indeed, his weak domestic demand has dampened growth elsewhere. As a result, banks and German taxpayers are less likely to recover their bad loans to southern Europe. . For extended regarding this topic click