The company understand the current and future importance of electricity from Brown coal for the local economy and for Germany’s energy policy, so Hall further. The provincial governments of Brandenburg and Saxony were important contacts for Vattenfall in Lusatia and we continue on the dialogue. The remaining business activities in Germany with district heating, sales and distribution networks as well as trading, wind power and other energy production remain statement Sweden after its own but obliged. Vattenfall operates 16 large coal fired power plants, as well as Germany in Denmark and the Netherlands. In addition, the Sweden have their own brown coal mines in Brandenburg Lusatia and Saxony. At the four sites, nearly 9000 people are employed in Germany. The German coal-fired power plants by Vattenfall produce about 60 terawatt-hours of electricity per year, which corresponds to just under 10 percent of the electricity in Germany. In the third quarter, slid into the red numbers Vattenfall and wrote a loss of $ 1.92 billion. Depreciation and amortization related to the coal fired power plant in Moorburg (Hamburg) and in the Netherlands are included in the loss. Vattenfall experienced difficult market conditions with a weak demand, an abundance of production capacity and historically low electricity prices, said Hall in Stockholm. Since 2010 the company new investments put only on renewable energy, said a spokesman for Vattenfall in Germany. . Inspirational data could be studied visiting this

The continuation of the development of the Group today requires a f d rant management more widely the talents, focus great on the execution ex and a close collaboration and confident with the Board of Directors, has said Sanofi Wednesday to justify the outside of its Director General. A position e confirm a few hours later during a Conference t phonic l of Serge Weinberg with the press. It is basically a matter of management style and not a matter of person did to justify President of the Board of Directors. However, an observer cit by Les Echos note that d intended, they sat c te c te, but lately, they settled face-to-face. On the other hand, Chris Viehbacher had hired a s series of restructurings indicated are activities of research of the group in France. The last date, pr saw more than 450 transfers of posts and the net removal of about 180 others by 2015 on s pr of 5 000 employees. Finally, Serge Weinberg was also out of bad r results abroad, Br sil and China o Sanofi has not reached its quarterly goals three times four. Remains of Chris Viechbacher U.S. am tropism that anxiety was more and more members of the Council. In addition to its d m personal accomplishment, his views on the Merck laboratory which he considered a time merging with d m management of the social ge si in the United States the cl, had entertained of the fears within the board. However, in an interview with the Financial Times on Thursday, Serge Weinberg has balay e a divergence with an Anglo-Saxon vision id. We all [the 15 members of the Council, Editor's note] work in English-speaking environments, has split d the new CEO of Sanofi, which seeks d now officially a successor its former Director General. � . Root data can be studied checking this resource.

The castle of Amboise in the Loire, whose Chapel houses the tomb of Leonardo Da vinci, uses the self-portrait of the artist and Italian scientist to help promote it as a tourist destination. But few people know that the famous self-portrait is kept in Turin. Should become a kind of icon of the city today proposed the Mayor of Turin, Piero Fassino, the preview of the exhibition, which aims to promote the restoration of the new exhibition space that hosts the exhibition. To improve the conservation of the collections of the Royal Library, were entirely buried deposits ristruttirati, thanks to an investment from one million euros supported by Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione Crt and look for the artisici heritage and cultural facilities in Turin. This is one of the last pieces before the official beginning inauguraizione 2015 Real pole in Turin. The call inaugurazioen again amnca the Sabauda Gallery, scheduled to start Dec. . For additional insights about this topic check url.

Was held in Aversa the tenth edition of the exhibition White d’aponte unique in its kind in Italy, dedicated to the Sun singer-songwriters. Important birthday in grand style, judging by the huge number of guests who have been on the stage of teatro Cimarosa, for one or two very intense days. Among others: Andrea Mirò (godmother of this tenth edition), Mariella Nava, Petra Magoni, Elena Ledda, Fausta Vetere, Bungaro, Enzo Avitabile, Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi, Alessio Bonomo, Tricarico Baedekers beds. Were so many remarkable moments of the event, which in General has absolutely functional features to extol the music copyright, with no television time, maximum emphasis to the sound and songs. This happened in the godmother of this year, Andrea Mirò, that with the same elegance and personality she sang a song by Bianca entitled As Dorothy, and some of his best pieces: before tomorrow and Faust. It is impossible not to mention then the virtuous Martian and Petra Magoni, who duets with Mesolella doing taking his unprecedented forms entry, inter alia with a pyrotechnic one-piece version academically presented as "song that invests so much as botany, zoology": Papaveri e papere. And we come to the race, with eleven chosen competitors in recent months by a jury selected yet comprehensive, one of the best in Italy for variety and authority. The spirit of the contest was described very well by Fausto Mesolella: "the freshness that have girls here at is d’aponte freshness that must accompany those who write songs, from when you wake up in the morning until the evening." The overall prize went to Rimini Elisa Rossi (who also won the prize "move the music"), and his song do you think is possible: dialogue with a star, in which the singer has proven to be able to master melody and rhythm, providing pleasing cadences in text more reflective, etymological background of a desire for empathy. Really elegant song, sung on sober accompanying guitar solo by Daniele Fasasi (its also the arrangement). Among the winners of the past editions, will surely be remembered by Momo, who with a song titled I remember deserved a standing ovation and a recording contract with the label "Sounds from Italy" (as she Alfina zest) or Chiara Mandel, author of a song-singles horoscope entitled Astral Travel: bossanova rhythm piece that reads the entire forecast horoscope in metric and rhyme virtuoso, to change to it in every show. . For extended regarding this topic check

the majority who supported the Prodi government. They said the former Senator Sergio De Gregorio, heard as the process heads for the alleged sale of senators in which they accused Silvio Berlusconi and Valter 314 si ‘. De Gregorio has admitted to having taken part in Operation Freedom, her term coined by Berlusconi himself, whose aim was to overturn the majority in the Senate. De Gregorio said that in a meeting at Palazzo Grazioli shortly after his election, the former Knight expressed regret for his election in a row left Center and asked him to return home. De Gregorio’s account that he strongly indebted to make electoral campaigns at the end of which he was not a candidate, and the former premier will offer to write off its debts. The meeting was attended by 314 si ‘, one before whom members of forza Italy were at attention. The only one who came to Palazzo Grazioli without appointment, one of the few, if not the only, which allowed them to raise their voices with Berlusconi. De Gregorio said that Berlusconi accept to give him three million in Exchange for passage to the centre right: one million as grant to the Italian movement worldwide and two million in cash in various tranches through 314 si ‘. . For additional information on this subject check

The @Marvel universe is now even larger. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Black Panther,. pic. Twitter. com/X0G7whoVbL – Robert Downey Jr (@RobertDowneyJr) October 28, 2014 U.S. box-office showing some signs of weakness since this summer, Marvel Studios continues to trace its route. The studio has already collected more than 7 billion dollars since 2008 and recorded new achievements this year with "Captain America 2" and "the guardians of the Galaxy.  He again struck a blow Tuesday, announcing the "phase 3" of his universe at the cinema. At the El Capitan in Hollywood theatre, its president Kevin Feige unveiled the timetable for the next adventures of the Marvel stamped superheroes up in,. 2019! During the next five years, the studio will of course rely on the return of some safe values. As ‘Thor’, Captain America will thus have the right to a third installment, scheduled for release in the United States in may 2016. Adaptation of ‘Civil War’, a very popular mini-series for fans of comic books, he will see compete both sides of superheroes, one led by Captain America and the other by Iron Man. Marvel also leverages a suite of the ‘guardians of the Galaxy. A logical decision when we know that the earliest adventures of Star-Lord and Rocket Racoon reported more than 750 million worldwide this year. Before 2016, Marvel will have already pulled the rest of the "Avengers". Entitled "The era of Ultron", it will be released in France on April 29, 2015 and meet again at the screen Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor. Better! Kevin Feige has already announced the release date of "Avengers 3: Infinity War", Fireworks final among the wave of feature films announced Tuesday. As the final chapters of "Harry Potter" or "Hunger Games", it will be divided into two parts. The first is planned for 2018, the second for 2019. Marvel does not merely to manage his shop. The studio has also made some surprising announcements with the debut on the big screen of new characters, in addition to "Ant – Man", which has already gone into production. The first will be "Doctor Strange", with no doubt the British Benedict Cumberbatch as, in November 2016. As ‘Spider-Man’, this magician superhero was created in the 1960s by Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko. Another novelty: "The Black Panther", the first movie carried by a black hero in Marvel whose output is set to November 2017.  The interpreter of Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., even cracked a Tweet after announcement.  "The Marvel Universe is now even wider. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Black Panther. "The Black Panther will be played by Chadwik Boseman, who plays James Brown in the biographical film" Get on up ". Last year, in the film "42", the actor had also camped Jackie Robinson, the first black player in the history of the American baseball league. At Marvel, one of the new heroes will be,. a heroine.  In July 2018, spectators will therefore discover ‘Captain Marvel’, a fictional character who steals, boasts superhuman strength, and can send shocks of energy through his hands. One way for the studio to meet his great rival, DC Comics, and his future "Batman vs. Superman’ where Wonder Woman will appear and no doubt a female version of Robin.   Finally, after the test transformed "Guardians of the Galaxy" and its wacky characters, Marvel will attempt once again to a dark superhero team a new carton in November 2018.  This task will fall to the "inhumane", a band consisting of a character to the destructive voice and a bulldog can teleport! Additional data can be read visiting link.

VICENZA Stanno tutti bene the 11 American servicemen ‘ confined ‘ in Vicenza after returning from Liberia, a country among the worst hit by Ebola. But there is controversy about the opportunity that the precautionary quarantine in Italy rather than in the Usa. Who raised the problem-especially the Governor Luca Zaia, but also members of M5S-responded on Jan. Derryl Williams, who yesterday in videoconference to reporters in base ‘ Setaf to Ederle barracks explained: the choice to let us return to Vicenza was u.s. military vertex, we have obeyed orders. A lengthy freewheeling intervention, that of General, lasted over half an hour and then the rapid-fire questions of reporters. In isolation for another 18 days. Williams explained everything. Starting from the numbers, which are topical. A contingent of other 30-35 people coming tomorrow (today for those who read) and other 30-35 on Saturday. The travel programme should be the same: from Liberia in Italy via Monrovia, before landing in Pratica di Mare and then at Venice’s Marco Polo airport, leading finally to the base in coaches, led by the American military. Another version VERSIONS, unofficial, about 38 arrivals in the second group and other 38 in the third, for a combined total of 87 people. Little difference now. What of course, in the words of the senior officer of the United States, that there will be other departures from Vicenza. The next U.s. contingent expected in Africa partir from Kentucky, the 101/a airborne, while they are not envisaged in the short term, new missions from the Ederle-Del Din. Our typical day? Normal: wake up, sports, computer work. Meals on paper plates, then everything is burned. In the evening we connect via skype with families: my granddaughter has 11 months, calls me gi grandfather. Then the reassurances. Continue. Enter almost all responses. We are good and we are happy to be back in Italy-General Williams explained, smiling-none of us has ever had symptoms. We used them also checks in Liberia, to measure fever six times a day, always negative outcomes. The Governor sanit veneta, if required, ready to actively work with the American authorities of Vicenza but, just for friendship and mutual candour, I must say that the marines returned from Africa and those that fall in the next few days should not be resubmitted in Veneto for quarantine for Ebola, but in the United States, who have their homeland. He said the President of the Veneto region Luca Zaia, during the printing point held yesterday at the end of the seat of the regional government. To state my conviction to u.s. Ambassador-added Zaia-because I would consider more respectful for Venetian citizens a choice of this kind, although we can be certain that the military are constantly monitored and were in good health. . Similar information can be found visiting

A U.S. judge rejected Tuesday a request for the former dictator stripped of Panama, Manuel Noriega, who wanted to be paid for the use of his image in the video game Call of Duty. The California Judge William Fahey ruled in favor of the game publisher Activision Blizzard, which had deemed frivolous the complaint of the former head of State, 80 years old and currently imprisoned at the Panama. This ruling is an important victory and thank the Court protected freedom of expression, welcomed the former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani, counsel for the Publisher. This complaint was absurd since the very beginning and we are pleased that in the end this is not a notorious criminal who has won, he added. For Mr. Giuliani, this judgment is valid for all creators of films, books, video games or television who portray historical characters. The judgment of today is a victory for the 40 million members of the community of + Call of duty + as well as for all those who in the world, like historical fiction, argues the CEO of Activision Bobby Kotick in a press release. Episodes of Call of Duty, a shooter in first person (FPS, First Person Shooter), were inspired by historical events, according to Activision. The game has already used the image of the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, former U.S. president John F. Kennedy, and this time Mr. Noriega. Activision had asked the judge to reject the request of Noriega, arguing that the use of a character representing the former dictator – in the Black Ops II release in 2012 – fell within the freedom of expression in September. The deposed leader accused the editor to use his image without his permission and incarnate evil traitor on-screen. Activision must publish next week a new version of this game called Call of Duty: Advance Warfare. . You must click this to discover more on this interesting subject.

If you could redo the summer of 2010, again to leave. Change shapes but not to delete the pair parentheses sense. Miami were four to you University for LeBron James, the first maturity for who the Institute under sali a pressure greater than the ring. All found their first candidate template t tulo, but n m s errors need (or one, two, three, or four,.) and m s stumbles (the end of 2011 against Dallas) up to tread on the Summit. Started up s to understand that nothing like winning at home there’s. In its constant challenges or to the limits of the man, LeBron James l need a colossal 2012 to clean up its image. Gan his third MVP in the regular season, his first ring (it’s about time, damn it!, grit from the soul), his first Finals MVP and gold ol mpico at the same or, a harvest s the reach of Michael Jordan in 1992. In what pens during the celebration in Miami n?. That buttonhole had been able to win a ring in Cleveland. S the pod to imagine c mo habr to been in the ninth East parade. Pas all while I help to reach here. It’s a shame to not get it. The date was uncertain, because in 2012 to n end to the dominance of Miami would not be guessed. Yet to reach another ring, another MVP in the regular season, another MVP in the playoffs,, They had to gather many factors to advance back to 2014: Cleveland gan the lottery for the third time in the last four a; Wade entr f sico declining; Chris Bosh stepped atr s; the template was becoming m s limited and the weight on the shoulders of LeBron James was gigantic. The defeat against San Antonio in the final passes elev question. Quiz the Heat were not the best option in the medium term. As disc pulo Pete Carril at Princeton, is expected to David Blatt to implant a system that prime circulation bal n. n Not in vain LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are among the best pins on their respective positions. The three are adem anotadores large s, have good mu RCTs and are surrounded by shooters, so the space in attack will not be a problem. Doubts appear in defence: there is a great protector of the ring and three of the five possible owners (Love, Irving and Dion Waiters) have a well-deserved bad reputation atr s. . For extended insights on this topic visit link.

The increasing number of women sitting in Parliament, equality in the Government structure and the new appointments at the top of controlled by the Treasury have improved the position of Italy in international rankings compiled each year by the World Economic Forum. From 71esima we the Nineth position in "Gender Gap Index 2014», which measures the equality of 142 countries worldwide. Yet today we see us behind in countries in the collective does not seem to offer better conditions to women such as Bangladesh and the Kyrgyz Republic. Among the industrialized nations remain, then still in last place. In the nine years of the index, the Italy-report report by the agency that organizes the Davos Summit has recorded an improvement in the situation of women. Always keeping in mind that the index calculates the gender gap within the same country and does not provide a ranking in absolute terms, in 2006 the peninsula was in 77th place and in 2007 to 84simo. The best year was 2008, when she arrived at 67esimo place, but then the crisis is felt even in the ‘ Gender Gap ‘. This is demonstrated by the sharp worsening of economic participation and opportunities, which sees Italy slip at 114esimo place (and last in Europe) from the 97th of 2013 and already 85esimo the exciting 2008. In particular, in this context, the peninsula is 129esima for equality of wages for the same work: If a man earns 40 thousand dollars a year, the woman with the same tasks will sees on average less than 23,000. Surprisingly the Italy-according to study-within the last 9 years has moved back into parity in education: in 2014 is only 62nd against the 27th place of 2006 and 2013 was 65th. To penalize the ranking is the decrease in the enrolment of girls in primary school, while secondary school and the University confirms Italy as many other countries in the first place. Has improved, then gender equality in terms of health and lifespan which sees Italy to 70th place from last year’s 72esimo and against the 95th of 2010. It is, however, in the political power that the Italy earn points in equal opportunities. The leap is obvious: by 72esimo instead of 2006, passing from the 2007 80th, you get to 44th of 2013 until the 37th this year. To give the boost is "joint" composition of Government Radio, as well as the increase of women elected to Parliament in the last election. To redress the balance of power, however, is the box on the years in which a woman has been head of State since the score for Italy remains zero. More generally, this year’s report gives the first place to Iceland, ahead of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, Scandinavian "homelands" of equal opportunities. A surprise sixth place goes to Nicaragua, thanks to first place in equal health and lifespan, in front of the even more surprising Rwanda, economic participation in 25th and sixth for political power. Eighth place for Ireland, followed by the Philippines that are prime for equal educational opportunities and health. Closes the top ten the Belgium, Switzerland and Germany overcomes. The France is 16th, the United States and the United Kingdom 26th ICF canoe Sprint. The Wef seizes the opportunity to launch an alert: at the international level the gender disparities in work opportunities remains wide, so much so that in 9 years is only reduced by 4%, passing from 56% to 60%. At this rate it will take 81 years to close the gap. Equality in the workplace will, if it goes well, in 2095. On balance have not yet born women who will live. . Additional information can be found checking